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I want to buy a computer - Abbott & Costello's new take on "Who's on First?"
Signs you may be having a
monk translatorsBad Day
The High Cost of ONE Small Mistake
- enjoy a laugh from the monks translation
Put'n on the Boots - Dressing children; what do boots have to do with parole?
Britain is Repossessing the USA
AAADD - know the symptons
Solvin the World's Biggest Problems
Call Center Conversation  - Termination without Cause

Qantas Aircraft Problems & Solutions
Computor Problems
15 year old boy gets new Chev for $15. Click here to find out how (and why)
The Tomato Garden - Italian style
Who's Colored?

Killer Biscuits Wanted 4 Attempted Murder
Dilbert-isms from real-life
Just for Fun

Bloopers from Sunday School
Insightful Definitions
What Does He Know?, Pregnant, Gossip
ATM Bank Machine Procedures
If God had an Answering Machine
How many Anglicans does it take to change a lightbulb?

Lost in the Service
and God Created Dog and Cat
Moses and His Mobile Phone
Jewish Son-in-Law
Fishing on Sunday

Military on a Tight Budget
Blonde Guys were digging a whole...
Rabbi, My Wife is Poisoning Me

Faithful to His Call

Amazing Home Remedies

Potato Girl - Facts of Life, Potato Style
Heaven Can Wait
Wisdom From Grandpa
Microsoft TV Dinner Instructions
You and me is Friends
S s stut ter ing & using your Gifts
Helping People Know Where They're From
 - (You know you're from xxx if...)

New Dog Cross Breeds
The Importance of Getting EVERTHING Wright
Mo Bumpa Stikas
Election 04 Humour
Questions 4 the Bored
Mom and school kids
Grandma Humour

Ronald Reagan Humor
Time 2 Re-evaluate
- should we pull out now?

Blacksmith Needed

New Year Wish 4 U
Won Linners
Professional Test
Metric Conversions
Why did the chicken cross the road
What Mom Really Said
...Words to Live by
Spell Checker
Management Style
Security Bulletin
Great Truths about Life
 that little Children Learned
Wisdom from Will Rogers
Abbott and Costello
Titanic Worst Song Titles
Uncle Charlie's Amazon Parrot
Open Mouth. Insert Foot!
Impotant Fax
34 ways to annoy people

School Stuff

Harvard MBA Advice - How to improve the life of a Mexican fisherman
Letter to  Mom
Analogies and Metaphors
Comments from test papers

the middle wife
Science Test Results
Skool DaZe
Freshmen Know...
Use Of Car

..............4 sale by owner.....................................

Health  &  Sports

Chocolate - the 5th Food Group
Accident / Insureance Report
Medical Daffyinitions
Signs of a Bad HMO
Safety 101
Bricklayer's Accident Report

Birthday gift to a health club
Weight, etc.
Sports Humour
Sports Bloopers
A Skier's Dictionary
Aviation 10

Reasons Not To Go to Football Games
Indications You Won't Win Gold
Thoughts on Golf

Signs of the Times

Actual Signs
Chain Letters Benefits
Web Addicts - 12 Step Program

Headlines of Bible Stories - How would your local paper report the news?
Why the Chicken Crossed the Road Part Deux

Actual Signs seen across the USA
Crazy Headlines
Too Much of the 90's
You Know You're Over the Hill when...
Getting older?
- Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder
Corporate Lingo
Some new definitions
Bumper Sticker Humour
Bumper Stickers 2 relate

...News Headlines
If Company XXX made Toasters...
Virus Warning: "BadTimes"

Little Red Riding Hood for the Politcally Correct
Wordperfect Support Conversation
Highway Signs

Between the

Why Men Are Happier People
Mark Twain on Polygamy
Who Serves the Coffee?
Red Skelton's Tips for a Happy Marriage
Language Can Cause Problems
Things you'll never hear a man / woman say

The Real Man test
Girlfriend 1.0 vs Wife 1.0
The BIG honeymoon night
The Town Gossip
Making Your Woman Happy
Why Santa Can't be a Man                                  


Church On Fire
Bulletin Bloopers
More Church Bulletin Bloopers
As Seen on Church Signs
Country Church
Things you never hear in church
U may Not B reading Your Bible Enough

More more more

laugh - 70
The Year's Best
humour - Jan
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Snipits TGIF
 TGIF - Sinkoh Day Maio
 Thanksgiving TGIF


Geography 109

GRIT = Girls Raised In Texas
Southern Smarts
You Know You're in Arizona in July when...
More Signs You May Be a Redneck
US independence Revoked

Why Americans Shouldn't be allowed to Travel

New Jersey Residency Application
Arkansas Residency Application
You might belong to a Redneck Church if...
More signs your church is a redneck church
Jewish Father concerned about his son
Rules of the road, Indian style

California Laws
You Know You're in California when...
New Calyfornia - The Terminator's Victory and how it could change the world as we know it
Driving in New York
A Cowboy's Guide to Life
California Welfare Letters

You Know You're

Addicted to the INTERNET


Laws R 4 Everbody
Some Laws R 4 Everybody

parked camel

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