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Sponsorship Opportunities

You Can Sponsor an

Drug Rehab, Woman with AIDS, or ....


Mercy Homes

One of the Leadership Training School students in Indonesia did her school project on providing an orphanage ministry to qualifying children.  She followed through with her plan and today there are over 140 children in the orphanage she leads.  Plus she has helped launch over 10 other orphanages in various parts of Indonesia. 

You could help provide the basic support for one or more ofOrphans in Indonesia Across Ministries helps these precious children.  See how below.

Precious Heritage, Manila, Philippines
YWAM Jakarta, Indonesia

YWAM Bandung, Indonesia Email
YWAM Surabaya, Indonesia Email
YWAM Jember, Indonesia Email
Indore, India - Email

Drug Rehabilitation

We work in cooperation with existing Christian ministries, like Teen Challenge, helping them to focus on their expertise.  You can help provide a fresh start to these who are finding a new life in Jesus.  See below to find out how easy it is forDrug use in Asian slum area you to be a part of the answer.

Ever wonder if those involved in drugs can really be transformed?  Some of the leaders of Across Ministries (see link) have been directly involed in drugs and have been so transformed through the Gospel that they have helped thousands find a new life in Christ.

Drug abuse is common

in some of the Asian slum areas.

Malaysia Network of Christian Drug Programs - Elisha Tan Email
Teen Challenge Singapore
Teen Challenge New Zealand
Teen Challenge

Hospice for Women with AID’s AIDS Hospice Chennai

Youth With A Mission
(YWAM) in India provides a home, food and loving care for women dieing of AIDs.  Most of these women got the virus from their unfaithful husband. You could help this ministry provide practical care and show the love of Christ through both word and deed.  See how below.

Chennai, India YWAM AIDS Ministry
Christian Mission Charitable Trust
Malaysia YWAM HIV/AIDS Ministry
Bangladesh - Email

Homes for Street Children, schools for children living in slum areas, medical clinics...

Several YWAM teams - and other quality Christian ministries - needing your help in Asia focus on ministering to these needy children.  Your  donationLeilani & Lydia with orphans in Jakarta

could make a world of difference.  Will you help?  It's really quite painless.  See how below.

Street Kids Ministry/Rescue and Restore Chennai, India
Bangladesh (no web site for security reasons. Channel funds through Across or YWAM Honolulu)
YWAM Pune, India - Email
Varanasi, India - Email



Here's How You Can Help

It only takes about $30 * a month to cover the costs per person in one of these Christ-centred homes. Through our “matching fund” system you could help support one of these for only $15 a month.  Or - provide the full $30 a month.  See form below. 

See Response Form Below

You can either channel your donation
through Across Ministries (see address below) or send directly.
All the sponsorship funds go as designated.

* Actual costs may be more in some countries.

  You could sponsor an Indigenous Missionary

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