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Just Good Reading

Edinburgh 2010 - Common Call
The Edinburgh 2010 conference took place in the Scottish capital from June 2-6 to mark the centenary of the historic World Missionary Conference held there in 1910.

Burial At Sea - a very moving memoir of a Marine.  It is a true story and reads almost like a mini-novel.  If you don't want to take the time to read this rather long piece, then just skip to the last two sentences.  It sums up the story nicely.

Floating Islands -
Much has been written of late regarding the impending projected demise of the world’s coral atoll islands due to CO2-caused sea level rise. Micronesia is suing the Czech Government over CO2 emissions that they claim are damaging their coral atolls via sea level rise. Tuvalu and the Maldives are also repeating their claims of damage from CO2. If the sea level rises much, they say they will simply be swept away.

China Christian Leaders Get Help from TWR

Striped Icebergs - Ten awesome photos, Lake Michigan

Next Generation of Missionaries - Over 16,000 mostly university students gather at urbana

Who was Saint Nicholas? - true facts about the generous Bishop who attended the Council of Nicaea in AD 325.

You Too Can Make the Ill Better - by
David W. T. Brattston

Billy Graham - Honoured by Northwestern College...
91 years on 7 Nov. - still writing, praying, meeting with friends, and studying the Bible.

What to do when your world crashes - Ten things you can do - By David Hall

Larry Norman - Ronald Reagan & National Religious Broadcasters - By V. Glen Megill

Dr. Ralph D. Winter - now with the Lord

Gutenberg and the Eclipse of Islam - Ralph Winter

Kick Back Cafe - restaurant turns into a church several hours a week in Tokyo

Sincerely Loving Muslims - Jeff Fountain

Call2All - Hong Kong 09 - Will history mark this as the launch of the Chinese missionary movement?

A Whole Lof of Shaken Going On - J. Lee Grady
Trends in the church, Charismatic movement is dead, relational, outreach, compassion, mission...

Don Richardson Seminar - Stars, Sand & Dust
16 May 09 - Eastgate Christian Centre, Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand - A Missions Interlink Presentation. Phone: 09 2758333.

Why Did Jesus Fold the Napkin? - Every Jewish boy knew what it meant.

Oh the High Cost of ONE Small Mistake

How to Create a Godly Legacy - Pete Caruso

A Christmas Tale - 1919 - True story of a group that escaped the Bolsheviks to Finland in the deadly winter...

Alexander Solzhenitsyn - Can one man change the world? Many are convinced this man did.

Pray for Whangarei - all night prayer meeting

Along the Embankment - Jeff Fountain discovers the connection of Britains public education to Sunday Schools.

China revival - In contrast to the so called 'healing revivals' we sometimes hear about in the West, the Church in China is growing... Watch this made-in-China video report and be blessed with this inside report of what God is doing there.

Prayer Networks

Prison outreach feedback  - read the response from Kiwi prisoners who recently took a Christian course.

West Virginia 10 Commandments

Not just another Florida Revival - reported healings, people flocking from across the nation - and from other nations. Unconventional...

More (Florida Revival) concerns - by Andrew Strom & J. Lee Grady

Clyde Cook of BIOLA University - another Christian Hero with the Lord. A missionary at heart Dr Cook built BIOLA into one of the world's top Christian Universities

Pretty Good Advice - by Jeff Fountain and Chris Grantham (Ten Commandments in Kiwi language)

Lessons from the Australian Church

Ways to Reduce Stress

Destination World: Planting the seeds for a new generation of Kiwi missionaries

African Women's Refugee Mission - kept in peace as roving gangs seek revenge

Why Men R Happier People (from da humour section)

Tauranga Teen Leaps into Overseas Mission

Parable of the Talents gets fresh application by this church. Pastor hands out $40,000.

Across Ministries Reports

Light & Life Ministries, India
Don Hall Ministries, Dec. 07 Asia Report
Pete & Bev Caruso - Rancho, Uganda, Fiji...
Bangladesh Update
Beloved Ministries - Ray and Patience Gifford
El Ministries - Manila, Philippines

Christmas - a pagan holiday?

The Real St. Nick - Mark Earley, Prison Fellowship

5,000 Sportsmen Profess Faith in Christ

Advent Violence - by Jeff Fountain

An Urgent Calling - Why Christians Belong in Politics

Persecuted on a Train - Gospel for Asia frontlines report

Rethinking Church - by Chuck Colson. Is the Church getting the job done? Not according to recent polls.

The Seven Wonders of Your World Movie - it's probably not what you think. Check it out.

Bible now on DVD - Now available thru Across

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God at Work

Family Matters

How to Create a Godly Legacy - Pete Caruso
Marriage First - Bob & Yvonne Turnbull
Life is Short - Churck Colson - lawyers, advertising, marriage... what are we teaching the children?
What Legacy Are You Leaving? - Bob & Yvonne Turnbull

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Debbie Scott's single Missionary has been #1 on the US Christian Charts for ten weeks.

Saving Sarah Cain - movie review. Music by Point of Grace. Michael Landon, Jr., and Brian Bird have teamed up again to create another outstanding film.

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Somewhat Political

The President Without A Country - by Pat Boone

WEA Council Member (Dr. Joel C Hunter) appointed to President Obama's Advisory Council

What is REALLY Bankrupting the USA?
Is Hawaii Legal ?

Mexican Protester Demanding his "Constitutional Alien Rights"

Greensburg, Kansas - compared to New Orleans response

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