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Call2All - Hong Kong 09


I arrived home safely yesterday morning (Sunday); but had slept very little in the previous 48 hours. We had a wonderful time as a family last night, celebrating ... and some reporting of my trip. Had a wonderful time in Singapore, Cambodia and Hong Kong.

markI got an email this morning from Kevin Stitt which includes some of his un-edited notes. While very incomplete they will still help give you a feel - or a taste - for the Call2All Hong Kong conference. Keep in mind that the first report is his notes of the YWAM Asia&Pacific field gathering which took place the day AFTER the Call2All conference. It was just one of over a half a dozen optional gatherings the day after the conference ended. But in fact I think it would have been worth going if only for that. (And also worth going if only for the last day of the conference.)prayer at c2a

I need to correct something that I said in a previous email. I had mentioned that there were only about 100 from YWAM at Call2All. That's what I heard from one YWAM leader friend when I first got there. But he's from North America and was likely basing his estimate only on the N. Am. & European attendees. Added to that should have been more than 200 YWAM Koreans, many Chinese and other Asians. I counted about 350 at the A&P field gathering, and there were undoubtedly some YWAMers who didn't stay for that. You'll likely notice in one of Kevin's reports that approximately half of the 3000 plus who attended were Chinese.

While there was room for improvement, it was a wonderful, relatively smooth-running, challenging and celebrative conference. It was at the AsiaWorld Expo close to the HK airport. Only the Marriott Hotel and a parking lot seperated the Expo from the airport.

JohnOne could make the argument that God really put this together. Three months ago some were wondering if they should cancel it. Some of the previous Call2All conferences were poorly attended.4 Dale Kauffman was brought in to help (founder of Kings Kids International and founder of Gateway to China, nephew of Paul Kauffman, founder of Asian Outreach. Dale was able to gather a number of the key pastors and Christian leaders in Hong Kong. God moved on their hearts, reconciliation took place, they got behind it, raised money, invited people in from China and around the world... ("And the rest, as they say, is history!")

There was considerable focus on:

  • Prayer movements,
  • Reaching the unengaged unreached people groups,
  • Orality & the oral Bible (2/3 of the world's unreached cannot be effectively reached through written communication),
  • Evangelism,
  • Church planting, and
  • Compassion (poverty, injustice, illiteracy, water, medical and crises response).

Another focus of the Call2All conference was on impacting the major arenas or spheres of all societies for God's purposes. The arenas or mountains / spheres include: 2

  • the family,
  • education,
  • government,
  • commerce (business and health),
  • media (communication of all kinds)
  • celebration (arts, entertainment, sports...),
  • and of course the church.

5It was encouraging to hear that so much of the mission community around the world is now accepting this as a vital wholistic missions approach - so that the whole church can be involved in taking the whole gospel to the whole world.

One evangelical mission leader from the USA told me that while he would have appreciated more reflection and more counting-the-cost that could prevent some of the hurts from missions... "these are the do-ers of missions". Much younger, more charismatically inclined, and much less "White", the conference was organized by about 17 of the world's largest mission agencies, which they estimate represents about 85% of the current world missions force. (We both shared about other areas that could have been improved too. Still we were both quite positive about Call2All.)

I may be wrong, but my guess is that history will likely record this as the launch of the Chinese missions movement.  Look out world! Someone suggested that just as the UK was used as a catalyst to help launch the North American mission movement a century or two ago, now God is using Korea - which is now second only to the US in numbers of missionar3ies they send - as a catalyst to launch the Chinese mission movement. Look out world indeed!!!

So, with that intro, I hope you enjoy the rest.


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