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New Zealand

GRN (The Great Revival New Zealand) - Korean Pastors initiative
          Weekly pastors prayer meetings
          Monthly united prayer events
Intercessors for New Zealand
VisionNetwork of New Zealand - Prayer
Pray for Auckland
Weekly - 8 to 9 PM - Aotea Square
Quarterly (all night) - meeting at Greenland Christian Ctr


GLOBAL NETWORK - Pray for Persecuted Pastors

Resources for the 2005 IDOP is available online to download, and hard-copies of IDOP kits are available to order by mail in at least four countries - USA, Canada, ...Resources are also available in English, Spanish and French....

 GLOBALNETWORK - Panglao Pastors Start Meeting

Dear Pastor Phil, Thanks for the notes you send its great blessing,a brother from Manila come to bohol and conduct a prayer shield conference and its great blessing. At our first pastor prayer meetings,about 6-7 pastor gathered and pray...

 GLOBAL Prayer NETWORK - Greater Tokyo Prayer Initiative

In the unrevived state of the church, saints go racing to find sinners. But in the revived state of the church, sinners will come racing to find the Savior! Dr. J. Edwin Orr, historian of revival...

 GLOBAL Prayer NETWORK - Pray Austria

From our colleague Marc van der Woude: Austrian Christians unite in prayer On 26 October 2005, Austria will celebrate its 50th birthday since its release from the occupation of Soviet troops in 1955. Warren Carter of Pray Vienna reports...

 GLOBAL Prayer NETWORK - Malaysia: 500 Younger Leaders Gathering

Connected: To meet,network and partner with others from around the world, to pray, worship, and just be together with this unique group of like-... Plans are being made to hold one-dayGlobal Advance gatherings in 50 cities worldwide....

 GLOBAL Prayer NETWORK - Buenos Aires Church Has 6 Daily Sevices

Joel News Argentina editor Liliana Long reports about a strong move of God in 'Presencia de Dios', a church in Buenos Aires that is "under a growth rhythm where figures do not stop", with now 1400 discipleship groups, 6...

 GLOBAL Prayer NETWORK - India: Christmas Party Evangelism

"JAI MASIKI !"= PRAISE THE LORD ! That is the phrase we have memorised to greet the Hindi speaking bretheren in North India. We have many reasons to say "Praise the Lord": On our flight to Delhi, I had the joy of sharing the Gospel with...

 GLOBAL Prayer NETWORK - Pray for Persecuted Pastors

"In the context of his own life Jesus demonstrated the tremendous importance of prayer," said Johan Candelin,global coordinator for the International Day of Prayer (IDOP) and director of the World Evangelical Alliance's Commission for...



National   Pastors'  Prayer  Network (NPPN)

 Connecting Leaders ~ Reporting on Cities ~ Resourcing for Prayer

New Postings as of November 12, 2005


Additional Blog Sites:

 One Great City: Collaboration in Chicago -

 Prayer Ministry Resources for Baptist Congregations

 Pray For Surf


Good Vibrations from the Pulpit

Chicago Tribune: Phil Miglioratti's last service as interim pastor of Uptown Baptist Church... up and started teasing his friend about Miglioratti's obsession with the Beach Boys... Miglioratti, you see, even has a Web site ( that he calls...

The NPPN Blog




 CITY IMPACT - Pacific Northwest City Impact Roundtable


Fourth Annual Pacific Northwest City Impact Roundtable December 5 & 6 Monday 2 PM to Tuesday 3 PM " the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you... Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers

CITYIMPACT - Cincinnati, OH: 80 Pastors ... 6000 Christians

... toward a pervasive and lasting transformation of their city through a wide-spread Christ-awakening. The sponsoring groups for Tuesday's CHRIST SUMMIT have as one of their major goals the launching of acity-wide "Campaign of Hope"....

 CITYIMPACT - Coachella Valley, CA: 38 Congregations

Palm Springs is its most popular city. A year ago, pastors from 38 congregations in the valley entered into a three year agreement to apply the prayer, care, share emphasis of The Lighthouse Movement to their congregations....

 CITYIMPACT - Manchester, KY: Pastors Lead 63 Church "Enough!" March

Kentucky Drug Town Transformed By Wendy Griffith, CBN News Sr. Reporter  MANCHESTER, Kentucky - From the hills of eastern Kentucky comes a story of transformation. Manchester, Kentucky and surrounding areas were once known...

 CITYIMPACT - Springfield, MO: Impacting Schools

Dennis interviews a guest or two from each featured city, asking two questions: ... The featured city this month will be Springfield, Missouri.... Do you know of acity where there is significant evidence that the united Church is...

 CITYIMPACT - MinneapolisCity Reacher Tackles Katrina

It is our hope that at least one community in Mississippi will choose to become a pilot city for a community based Nehemiah Leadership Institute. **Click on the above headline for Glenn's complete blog...

 CITYIMPACT - Memphis, TN: Communitywide Marriage Policy

Community Marriage Policy affirmed in 197th UScity By Kay Adkins, Baptist Press MEMPHIS, Tenn. (BP)--Memphis has become the 197th UScity to embrace a Community Marriage Policy. More than 175 faith and community leaders at Shelby...



 STRATEGIC PRAYER - New Orleans, LA: Prayerwalk the City

Prayer Leaders: You are needed to be part of the New Orleans Area Prayer Walk ... Please consider being part of this much needed prayer walk in New Orleans. ...Prayer Walk Teams will then depart for various church areas to Prayer Walk...

 STRATEGIC PRAYER - Los Angeles, CA: 50 Hours of Fasting &Prayer

Hundreds of believers gathered at the historic Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, California, from Tuesday through Thursday, for the International Solemn Assembly, 50 continuous hours of fasting and prayer in preparation for the upcoming...

 STRATEGIC PRAYER - 100 Praying in Fredericksburg

Its been almost a year since Fredericksburg Watchman Prayer Ministries was launched. Almost 100 people from the Fredericksburg area committed to pray one hour a week for various needs in our community......

 STRATEGIC PRAYER - Every State, Every Capital

Our prayer conference, "Let the Great Awakening Begin!... We returned to the capitol building with a few prayer warriors, anointed the main entrance and the ... We held an intense prayer session in the front of this stately building....

 STRATEGICPRAYER- 35 Congregations Meet in Cincinnati

US PRAYER CENTER * 7710-T Cherry Park Dr, Ste 224 * Houston, TX 77095... Calling all intercessors, prayer warriors and praying people:... The general public is invited to join in this special service of prayer and worship at 10:30 am....

 STRATEGIC PRAYER - "Get Motivated Seminar"

If you know prayer leaders, praying pastors, intercessors, etc. in either city...or those... PASSWORD: prayer (both must be entered in lower case letters) Thnx! Eddie Smith US Prayer Center { Receive periodic updates on new postings:...



 COLLABORATIVE EVANGELISM - Prayer ~ Care ~ Share Strategy

Imagine the impact if members of your church increased the number of meaningful relationships right in their own neighborhoods by ten-fold? Imagine what might happen this can develop within 12 months or less when your members are...


The Power of Unity by Os Hillman, October 18, 2005 That all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in Me and I am in You. May they also be in Us so that the world may believe that You have sent Me. - John 17:21...



 RESOURCE - "Trails & Triumphs" Confernce Call

Cityreaching - triumphs and trials. On Thursday, Nov. 3rd, join seasoned cityreachers in this monthly half-hour dialogue led by Barney Field on "What's working in cities?" Dial 641-297-4600, then code 604 096 # at ......

 RESOURCE - "Free" International Trip for Pastors

Dear Phil, I want to invite you to apply for an all-expenses-paid tour to Indonesia. This powerful trip is limited to the first 20 pastors who apply. The only requirement for eligibility is that your church raises $5000 or more in...

 RESOURCE - Halloween Evangelism

LIGHT THE NIGHT ! Let us not let Halloween be a Pagan Holiday in our area any longer! Jesus Christ purchased each of us and every day with His precious blood! What better night to evangelize than Halloween?...

 RESOURCE - Jobs for Life Global Life

With great excitement, we have attached an invitation for you to join us at the the global launch of Jobs for Life, a dynamic solution to the devastating cycle of poverty and unemployment in our country. The event will take place on...

 RESOURCE - Jobs for Life Global Launch

With great excitement, we have attached an invitation for you to join us at the the global launch of Jobs for Life, a dynamic solution to the devastating cycle of poverty and unemployment in our country. The event will take place on...


 The Prayer Leader Blog

NEW  @

PrayerBlaze '06

More info ~ This conference will be geared toward lay Christians, prayer and church leaders, and YOUTH!

 100 Pages of Answers on Christian Prayer

How can prayer groups be effective? What is a prayer strategy? Guidelines for Prayer Ministry How can I help children's groups to pray?

 Corporate Confession

The sorrow and prayer of Ezra following this revelation is powerful. Click the headline to read the complete article...

 World Intercessors Day - International Teleconference Prayer Meeting

You can join from anywhere...your home, your car, or your church. If you have a phone and a few minutes, you can make a...

 RESOURCE - "Let's Pray" Seminars

... a nationally syndicated radio show, are dedicated to helping you in your desire to grow in prayer. Surf to:


Praying Pastor Blog

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 Sermon Pray-paration

The best-crafted messages make a truth memorable. Like a nail, the truth is driven in and you cant pull it out. People remember what is said. Until next week, Rick

 Prayer Strategy for Ministry

... how prayer is an integral part of this mighty work of God... not as a quick fix. but as a continued dependence upon God for help and direction. Click headline to read the complete article...

 Personal Prayer: Developing a strategy for successful prayer

The obvious goal of all these practices is to associate prayer with something beneficial to help overcome the lethargy that can strike us all. Click the headline and read the entire article...

 Prayer Pointers: 6 ways to squeeze prayer into your busy schedule!

Prayer Pointers: 6 ways to squeeze prayer into your busy schedule! An article for women that can help leaders of either gender! Click the headline to raad the article on Christianity Today . com

Clergy Spouse Apprecation Month

A newly released book, "Free to Soar," might be a good choice: How You Can Love the Church, Serve with Your Husband, and Fulfill Your Destiny as a Woman of God Click the headline for more information

 50000 Pastors have Signed Covenant with God

... or when a change in direction is needed when the work of the church becomes more alluring than intimacy with the Lord. By Gods grace and with the help of The Shepherds Covenant for Pastors, you can commit today to a lifestyle more... 


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