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Bangladesh Update

December 2007

Greetings from Bangladesh.

How are you? We hope everything is going on well with you. Thank you for your prayer and email. Sorry I was not in communication with you because of the cyclone. It cut all the power for several days in our area.

As you know that terrible cyclone hit Bangladesh. More than 3000 people died, and many more are still missing. Many people became crippled or other serious wounds. So many people lost their home and crops.

Both of our family village homes were effected badly. ____ (name withheld for security reasons) father’s house and uncle's house were totally destroyed. But everyone is still alive. Now they staying at an open public place.

My family is OK.  Only crops and trees were destroyed. Everywhere you look it's awful! Bangladesh gets a lot of cyclones, but they say this was the worst cyclone that ever happened here.

Please pray for our family, to re-build the house. And for comfort from God for the future. Thank you again for your prayers. We are praying for you. May God bless you.

Good news is we just finished recording gospel massages to broadcast for our new radio program . The program name is “Voice of Salvation”.  We hope soon it will be on the air. During the month of October we received 311 letters from our listeners and 55 of them are new listeners who are looking for the truth. We gave different kinds of Gospel books, worship cassettes and the Jesus film on CD.  God is working in many of our listeners.  We are adding some testimonies, if you have time please read and pray for them.




 (1) The book of Elisha help me to know more about God and His plan for people. This kind of book also helps me to trust in God. Many of my friends are also reading this book and they are learning many new things. I want to know more about the Bible. I am looking for my next book. Thank you again for your help to know the truth.                                                                                             

B_____ R_______


(2) Thank you for book of Abraham. I had wrong teaching previously about some of the things about Abraham because we also know him as one of the good prophets. I should be like him to submit myself to the will of God. Please pray for me so I can know what is God’s will for me. I am looking for the next book.                                                                          

N_____ H_____


(3) Many of my friends want to learn about the Bible. I am so blessed by the books you have given me. Please send these books for my friends. It is good to learn the truth. I am looking for your next book.



(4)  I am waiting for your reply to receive you letter and books. You are showing me the new way. More and more I'm reading your books and I'm interested to know and learn more. I am thinking if their is only one God, why so many religions? What is the truth? Am I on the right path?  What is the right path? I want to know more. Please help.                                                                

S______ P________


Prayer point:

(1) For our daughter to recover totally from the dog bite.

(2)To print Radio program Brochure & Books

(3) For both of our radio programs  Jeeven joty & voice of salvation

(4) For the children's and church-planting ministry

(5) For our Next Discipleship School,  2008

(6) For safe journey to Cox’s bazaar and to Pune, India.

With every blessing
(name withheld for security reasons)


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