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Greensburg Kansas Update

Is it just me or has anyone noticed what has happened in Greensburg, 
Kansas the last few days????
No one with hands out waiting for something, anything
No looting  (tho I will give you that there is not much to loot.)
No complaining about the government's response (except for the Governor of Kansas) could she be a liberal?
No one setting on their duff waiting for the government to  move the
mess and build them new homes
No Rioting!!!!
No waiting in lines for food and checks and griping about the wait.
No one playing the name game----could that be because Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not there?
Thanking friends and neighbors for their help
Thanking the Lord that they are alive
Holding Graduation for the Senior Class of 2007 last night, Friday, May 18, 2007 in their town. They held it on the golf course.
They are moving ahead.
They are the stock of what has made this great nation  GREAT.
Do any of you get the difference between this and what happened in ?????Where?????  New Orleans?

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