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Family Matters

Help Me Raise These Children! - Janey DeMeo
We Need to Talk - Bob & Yvonne Turnbull
3 Common Marriage Ruts & How to Avoid Them
Husband's Confession - by Bob Turnbull

Video Games - Do they Affect Kids? What about all the violence?
Josiah Ariki Hall

What Legacy Are You Leaving Behind? - by B&Y Turnbull
A Word to Dads - by R. Dwight Hill
Criticism Guidelines - by Bob & Yvonne Turnbull
Small Stuff in Marriage - by Bob & Yvonne Turnbull
Parenting Want Ad

10 Commandments 4 Parents  - from their Children

Dad, a lady, and a Train - by Don Hall
Jonathan & Sapphire Hall - 12 Dec 04

Family Life
Parenting & Tolerance  - by Josh McDowell
Mud Puddles and Dandelions
3 Words - that can help every relationship


Warning Labels

Health Tip - Fighting Cancer
Spiritual Vitamins
Do You Want To Be Well? – By Susan Peabody


God @ Work

2007 Articles
2006 Articles
2005 Articles
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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - movie
Abusing the name of God - Call for Media Fast
Hollywood Myths - Don't Buy the Lie
The Church & Family Need to be Media Wise
Hollywood is Finally Starting to Listen - Ted Baehr
Find Your True Voice - by Dr. Ted Baehr, interviews & articles from those in the entertainment industry
White -
by fiction’s new rising star, Ted Dekker, “White” is the final gripping installment...
Gods of Entertainment - Power of the Mass Media to Influence and Corrupt
Andrae Crouch - now has Star in Hollywood
Randy Travis
- releases new Gospel cd
Don't "Blink" more than once
- Author Ted Dekker is clearly one of the most gripping storytellers alive today

The Passion in Middle East
the Passion - movie review by Paul Harvey
"Kisses Sweeter than Wine" - Jimmie Rodgers testimony
Gods Chosen Writers - John and Elizabeth Sherrill's books have now sold over 50 million copies
Seeing God Move in the House of Satan - No Longer Music
Ring of Truth - Family Guide to THE LORD OF THE RINGS
To End All Wars  - movie review by Ken Tamplin
Satan Movies
Movie Morality Measurements By Dan Wooding
Precious Lord - by Tommy Dorsey
Oscar Time - Movie Reviews from a Christian perspective
A Brief Historical View of The Hawaiian Hula - Daniel Kikawa
Amistad - Vessel of Spiritual History
Something to Sing about - Billy Graham's first movie aimed at Black audience - a hit

        is Still Good Medicine
        (Across Pacific e-Magazine - humour section)  
World Religions Statistics
Muslim Convert Preaches 2 Millions
57 cents
Cleaning Out Our Closets
Alpha - Evangelism for ordinary people
Bringing Street Kids to the Light - Mexico
China gospel 4 idiots
Solomon Islands, Churches Alive - George Clay
Brazil Report by Luis Bush
Canadian Indian Chief  - By Vaeluaga Eli
Impacting a City one Life at a time - AIDS ministry in India
Jesus film in Indonesia
Russia Christian Broadcasting
Taiwan Christians respond to earthquake
Dale Kietzman - The Untold Story Of Initiating The Invitations For  Billy Graham's Historic Trip To North Korea
Multi-Culturalism & Missions - Dr. Sharon Linzey
Leadership Training School - New Zealand report
Pacific Youth Conference - Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, PNG, Tahiti...
Harvest Crusade turns into a Fiesta - in Anaheim


'Io Is Alive and Well in Hawaii - David Hall
Multi-Culturalism & Missions - Dr. Sharon Linzey
Sleeping Giant - American Indians
Canadian Indian Chief  - By Vaeluaga Eli
Catholic and Lutherans sign agreement - World
Reverse Bigotry - BreakPoint with Charles Colson
Billy Graham after Nixon tapes - On Intolerance and Prejudice         

Somewhat  Political

My Meeting with President Bush - by Bruce Vincent
Bring it on John - by Oliver North
Ban the Christians, kill the Bushites! - University North Carolina freezes Christian fraternity funds - but finances speech advocating the killing of Bush and his supporters

McGreevery, Kerry and the Church -  by Dr. Paul Kengor
Media Spin - the news media would never try to put their spin on a story, right?
Letter from a Father to his Sons -  the world situation from his perspective
Time 2 Re-Evaluate why we're there
War Against Terror is at least  200 years
Church Army Sister - to chair general synod, a first
President Bush's Faith Based Initiative
Khalid's Conundrum
Don't Tell Me What to Do - By Chuck Colson
Campaign 04 Fodder - & Social Security
American-haters in UK
... - By Tony Parsons of the London Daily Mirror

Pacifists Incite Wars
Democracy - How Long Will It Last? - By Dan Myers (revised & updated)
Is Freedom Free?
'Io Is Alive and Well in Hawaii - David Hall
Thailand - Loans work better than aid
Littleton Killings - Need to address the roots of violence - Methodist report
One Canadian Speaks Out About America
God Returns 2 America's Public Square
23,000 Chinese Christians arrested - Secret Government Documents Reveal Covert Campaign of Persecution Against Chinese Christians

"Transformation" Video - stirs eagerness for revival
Bishop Sells Palace 4 Poor

9/11 related

Monday & Tuesday - what a difference a day makes
Reflections on 11 Sept - By Lynn Green
Silver Lining to the disaster?- By Kay Como
Little Things Save Life - True stories of how little things kept people from being in the twin towers
Surviving 81st floor of the WTC - Dan Van Veen
Muslims Outraged Over Attacks - By Brittany Jarvis
When our Tower Crashes  - 911
        - 1 yr Later - by Ron Hutchcraft

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Just Good Reading

Wilberforce Centurions Program - training mature Christians to advocate the Christian world view in all of life
Can a Smart Person Believe in God? -
Dr. Michael Guillen
Obeying the Spirit of God - Os Hillman
Pray for Auckland - March 05
Super Bowl Outreach
The English Language
& Urban DTS's Combine in Auckland
Come!  Now is the Time

Don Hall - A Radical Rebel Restored
Protecting Religious Freedom - by Chuck Colson

Why Christians Must Vote
Little Things Save Life - True stories of how little things kept people from being in the twin towers on 9-11

Is God a Universal Promise Keeper?
Polish Priest Bringing Light & Life into the Church
Reagan and Godly Communication
Let's Get ONE Thing Straight
Parking Lot Smart - this could save your life
Tax Cuts - a simple lesson in economics

Gatekeepers of Our Dreams - Ted Baehr
Tommy - by John Powell
2nd Russion Revolution - "but this one is a spiritual one"
God Does Exists
Holy Alphabet

Finishing Well

Leadership & Accountability
Irish Bandit Country
Virus Of Legalism - thrives in Christendom, author says
Why Him?
I Didn't Know the Rats Scream
God Changed the Water
Wings - mother saves young
Knowing Why You Believe -  By Dr. Os Guinness
One More Tomorrow
Stopped By a Brick
Footprints with a twist

One More Tomorrow
Tutu Speaks to International Christian Students
Rocks in a Jar
Goose Lessons
Genesis - Echoes from China

Quality of Living  - how cities around the world rank
Changing World - looking back 100 years
Anyway - by Mother theresa
The Dart Test
Weathering the Storm
A Letter From Hell
When Silence is Deafening
I've Learned...
Interview With God
Joseph's Prayer - by Max Lucado
Why, God, this Tsunami? - by Mercy Simson
Christians and the Environment - by Jonathan Skinner
Dusting - Life is short...
Allah or Jesus? -
by Rick Mathes (with responses from Truth Or Fiction and Urban Legends)
"Intolerance" Will Not Be Tolerated - By J. Matt Barber (on the "Gay Agenda")
Expelling the Founders - by Chuck Colson
Thanksgiving - background & proclamations
Foundational Values of the USA
The Importance of Worldview Training
Safety Tips for Women
Guess Who's Coming for Dinner?
My Drug Problem - When I was young, I was drug to...
We all Need Someone Who Understands
Discovering the Jewels
Brain and Mind - New scientific evidence that the brain and mind are not the same - the case for a creator
Israel Openning to the Gospel
School Prayer Rallies - Millions of students gather to pray at school - some had to threaten legal action

God Shows He Cares - Kay Como
23rd Psalm - a new approach
Song Bird's Story
Seeing God
Reminders Of Thanks
Soul Food - Poem
'Generation Next' has some hard questions A&M University student
Chinese - Noah's Flood conection - Robert Goh
Prodigal Son - in F 
Headlines Can be God Speaking
Gullible Christians Snookered - Again? - Rev. Austin Miles

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