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10 Commandments for Parents
        - from their Children

1. Please treat us fairly but not equally, because we are not the same nor do we act the same.

2. Please keep your promises. We need to be able to trust you.

3. Please don't lie to us. Someday we will discover the truth.

4. Please be consistent. We want and need to know where the limits and boundaries are.

5. Please practice what you preach. We understand actions better than words and are confused when you
say one thing and do another.

6. Please don't fight and quarrel in front of us. We love you both.

7. Please answer our questions, or at least try.

8. Please treat our friends with respect and courtesy even if you don't like them or know them very well.

9. Please love us, no matter what.

10. Please don't expect more from us than we can deliver.

Parents, we will still love and respect you no matter what...Thanks for everything!!  


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