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By Beth Arendse

As I sat in the audience on the opening night of Island Breeze
International's 'Called To Honor Him Tour', I experienced something which
made me wonder. Something touched my spirit. It was as if I was watching
something that was right. Something that re-established the right order of
things. And as it happened, something was transacting in the spiritual
realm that I couldn't quite put into words. All I knew was that it was

I was watching Lynda Prince, Grand Chief of the Carrier Tribe taking her
position in front of a group of First Nations people from across North
America. As she took the microphone she spoke blessings, welcome and safe
passage to us on this land. She shared how she had received salvation and
freedom in Jesus Christ, and how she and her people could now stand and
receive and extend forgiveness for the atrocities of the past in this
nation. She shared the revelation of how they understood their role as
spiritual gatekeepers of the nation and stewards of the blessings of the

Dressed in their beautiful regalia, with grace and dignity, the First
Nations warriors moved to seat themselves around the huge drum in the
middle of the stage. As they started up the rhythm and began to dance and
sing, 120 drums were handed out to the audience. These drums were part of a
vision the Lord has given the Grand Chief. As they were played, the power
of God would be released and strongholds over North America broken.

To my left I saw a pastor from the city with his head in his hands weeping.
It was then that I glimpsed the power of what can happen when a people
group is fulfilling their rightful place in the body of Christ. I could
sense the anointing of healing and reconciliation that was flowing. I
wondered as I watched this man weep if he too was seeing a picture of how
God intended the church in America to operate; if this glimpse we were
getting just a foretaste, a prophetic picture of what God was wanting to do
across this continent.

As the First Nations people moved in their strength and fulfilled their
rightful place, it freed the rest of the believers to do the same. The
pastor was one of the first to grab a drum and began to beat it. All around
me Americans of every color and creed participated in the collective
warfare and praise symbolized by the drums. They were free to dance, free
to praise, free to celebrate, free to war, free to be themselves.

I, too, played a drum that night. I beat it for the American church. I beat
it for every congregation across this great nation - that they too would
experience this reconciliation and restoration. I beat it for every Native
American - that they would have a revelation of the redemptive purpose of
their people; that they would come into the fullness of the strengths their
loving heavenly Father has placed in their culture.

                        #       #       #       end     #       #       #

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