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Just Good Reading

One present that doesn't have to be wrapped - the gift of love - If I decorate my house perfectly... but don't have love... new take on 1 Corinthians 13
A Unique Christmas Tradition - that has blessed many
Thanksgiving Background and Proclamations
Dusting - a new, very accessible drug is killing our kids
Nicky Cruz Bio - Still one of the best evangelists to reach street gangs and young people of various backgrounds...
Explaining YWAM - How to understand a ministry that doesn't fit the mold
, by Lynn Green
Check Your Medications - you may be at risk
Must Read - What happens on the internet when kids don't know any better
Upside down at the London Palladium - Dan Wooding
Duct Tape or Nails
Jesus Camp - movie review by Jeremy Reynalds
Once Was a Millionaire; Deals With God - Peter Jordan
Across Ministries - grows again
Joe & Judi Portali - still impacting nations around world
9-11 Five Years On - by Jeff Fountain
Real American History - no longer in most text books
Creative Worship -
impressive artistic performance ...
Be sure to have your sound on and watch it to the end. 

One-Way Sympathy - Chuck Colson - Islamic countries need to reciprocate by showing more tolerance toward religious minorities
Intercession - Benefits of, by Dr. Thomas A. Bloomer
Pray for Auckland - Greenlane - 25 Aug. 06
Earthquake in Hollywood - Changes in the film industry are taking place so fast...
10 Ways India is Changing the World
Pride Can Kill - An admiral and a petty officer face off
10 Common Grammar Mistakes the spell checkers won't catch - from Netscape
When Heaven Came Down - What was it really like?
No Reputation - Reflections on Leadership, by R. Scott Rodin
Finding Keys to Unlock Children
Christians Targeted by On-Line Scams
Charlatans In The Church - by J. Lee Grady
Travel Preferences - Where do most people want to go on their next trip? 2006 Lonely Planet Travelers' Pulse Survey results are in. You may be surprised.
Balanced Personal Growth - Check list of significant areas of our life we need to keep in shape
Developing Christian Impact on Society - Dr. John Stott
The Most Dangerous Days on the Road
Job Hunting in today's International Market Place
Urgent Recall by The Maker on All Models
United 93 - Prepared to Live or Die? - by Mary Marr, Chairman of Christian Emergency Network

Crossed Wires - the incredible story of  Bill Howe from Blackburn, Lancashire
Toxic Religion - eight characteristics of a religious spirit - by Lee Grady
Beyond Pain - How one family is responding to their child's rare skin condition
Chocolate Helps Heart - new Dutch study reveals
Who Was St. Patrick? - what's true, what's exaggeration?
The Wallet - touching story of how love can last...
Marital Happiness - If she's happy, he's happy - and vise versa
You Can Influence TV - Beverly Caruso
The Blessings of a Storm - various authors, several inspiring poems
Responding to Bad Language
Backyard Treasures - Bill Ellis
Gifford's Update - Prison Ministry, ministry to Street People, and more
A Wife's Confessions - by Yvonne Turnbull - going from a complainer to one who compliments
Quotes from Ronald Reagan
English Second Language Discipleship School
You Can Improve Your Memory

Bible now on DVD - Now available thru Across

Disaster Survival Tips - by Doug Copp
Pacticing Christian Medicine - Somewhere between prayer and prozac
How Katrina Made Me Thankful

Chinese Leader Speaks out on "Revival in the West"
He Once Helped "The Most Hated Woman in America" - now he serves the "King of Kings" through Radio
Calcutta Sex Slaves - Kiwi Couple Rescue Prostitutes

Gulf Hurricane News - Special Section
Hurricane Preparation - basic steps you can take to be better prepared

Over 1700 Receive Christ in Sri Lanka Outreach - Don Hall
Chinese Christians Praying for Persecution in America - so that they may experience the same revival they're having

Victorious Athlete

Family Matters

Help Me Raise These Children! - Janey DeMeo
We Need to Talk - Bob & Yvonne Turnbull
3 Common Marriage Ruts & How to Avoid Them
Husband's Confession - by Bob Turnbull

Video Games - Do they Affect Kids? What about all the violence?
Josiah Ariki Hall


Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - movie
Abusing the name of God - Call for Media Fast
Hollywood Myths - Don't Buy the Lie
The Church & Family Need to be Media Wise
Hollywood is Finally Starting to Listen - Ted Baehr
more entertainment articles here

Somewhat Political
Arab-American Psychologist - Here is a powerful statement on Al Jazeera television. This woman is Wafa Sultan from Los Angeles.

Spain and Jihadists - their intentions are clear. Hamas isn't just interested in Israel. It has "demanded the return of the city of Seville to Islam" and what it calls "the lost paradise of Al Andalus." - by Chuck Colson

Rock USA - this rock use to be... but now...

Rebuild New Orleans?

More Somewhat Political here

Tsunami Disaster Reports

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