Across Pacific Magazine - South Asia Tsunami Disaster Reports

First Hand Frontline Reports

God Gives Warning
to these Malaysian Tsunami survivors visiting Phuket

God's Protection in Aceh - all 400 of this fellowship are alive and well

Frontline Tsunami Miracles - one of the first on the scene in Aceh reports of his work in the medical units - warning: graphic account

Tsunami Relief Work Update, Nov. 05 - Andaman Islands, Mike Bordon
Kannai Nagar Chennai - Disaster Relief work update
- YWAM India
Asia Tsunami Update Aug. 05 - YWAM Chennai Report
Tidal Wave of Love - Gospel for Asia moves in to help victimsDisaster tears
April Update - "Lord God of the Christians, Help us!"   
Nias Island, Indonesia report - Rolland Baker 
Tsunami Disaster Relief Work Update 3-05

Andaman Tsunami Relief Work Update - 24 January
EQUIP - Local Churches and the Tsunami Relief Work
Report on Tsunami Relief Work - 11 Jan 05 - by Lynn Green
Churches combine to help Aceh Muslims - Strategic World Impact
Disaster Updates - 7 Jan 05 - South India and Andaman Islands
Disaster Updates - 6 Jan 05 - India, Thailand and Indonesia
Operation Blessing Relief Work Report - 4 Jan 05
Disaster Report Indonesian Situation - 3 Jan 05 - by Alan Lim and Steve Goode
Andaman Relief  Work report - 2 Jan 05 - by Mike or Lora Bordon
Tsunami Update - relief work in progress... - from Tim Svaboda and Steve Goode

Love in Action - Iris Ministries begins work in India - by Rolland and Heidi Baker
Tearfund Partners involved in relief work - by Michael Ireland
Chennai (Madras) India - what it's like here today - by Dr. Colleen M Redit
Sri Lanka Disaster Report - Ross Tooley...

Tsunami mapDisaster Survival Tips - by Doug Copp

Be Ready - Homeland Security and Christian Emergency  Network encourage people to be ready

10 Myths of Disaster Relief
- by World Vision

Why, God?
- by Mercy Simson. Tough questions
and commentary to help us re-evaluate and take steps
forward in light of the tsunami disaster

I Don't Know Why  -  Why terrible tragedies like the
tsunami happen - by
Jannie Rogers

Giving to the Disaster Relief Work through YWAM
100% goes as designated

Tsunami Resources

More News on the South Asian Tsunami Disaster:

  |   7news  
BBC   |  ABC   |  NBC   |  CBC    |   News24
  |  Khaleej Times   |  WHO   |  VOA Anglican Media   |   Guardian   |   GuideStar   |   EUbus

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