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Is there any "Silver Lining" to this Disaster?
by Kay Como
We keep hearing all these terrible reports - and they certainly are.  At the current count there are at least 5,000 missing or dead.  There's no way words can fully describe the pain and suffering, especially for the loved one's of these.

But what we rarely hear about are the many incredible stories of the other 60,000 plus who also worked at the WTC or the Pentagon.  For example, here's a report that came in from one of our Across associates, Kay Como, who lives near NYC:
All of the persons we knew personally (at least as far as we know now) who were - or would have been - in or near the WTC are safe.  It is a new time in God's world here.

There are soooooo many stories of not only horror but of gratitude.  An amazing amount of people we both knew or heard of that just didn't follow their regular routine that day...

One went to get his dog groomed as a special favor to his wife...

My nephew-in-law returned home after thinking it would be nice to have coffee with my niece on her birthday and was late...

Another one who got a flat on Rt3!!!!! and was late.

Greatest story of my friends and contacts has to do with a NYC fireman who was on duty at the firehouse that morning and was a first-responder.  We had a vigil
all day Tuesday as he was unaccounted for...

The scripture verse though that kept repeating to me was "A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but you will not be harmed."  (I think it's Ps 91) ...I just kept suggesting to his wife.... that we just picture God holding him in his hand no matter what happens.

Finally we heard from him at 9 that nite!  I spoke with him by phone the next day... he said everyone on his shift from the nite before are dead.... they were in the towers when they collapsed...

Someone at work come tonite whose opening remarks were "I cant believe all the
odd stories of strange reasons why people didn't go to their jobs on time at
the Trade Towers....  She mentioned some that she heard from people at her job
but I'm only remembering one of a man who overslept who NEVER oversleeps...

But there were some very odd ones.... escapes me now.  Another person I know said her neighbors father works on the 102nd floor and is missing.  The day before he took her 4 year old son to work with him.  It could have just as easily been THAT day....

Despite all the really sad stories of people who got cell phone calls from those closest to them saying good-bye.......there are also these 'prevention' stories.

 It is quite a nightmare though.   Joe watched the towers as they were burning... So many people here viewed the whole thing...  Anyway..... gotta run...... God is here...
He weeps... and consoles.
There are just no words to say how unbelievable it all seems to what is so common and familiar to all of us.  IT was like a terrible MASH movie tuesday...... army helicopters and planes flying over our house........roads closed with fire trucks and ambulances in steady stream out of here.  These are new times.....

We pray - as you all must - that God guide our response to this horrible situation and these new times.  He weeps... and consoles.


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