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Ene Ni Fagapalapala Sagala

3 November 1935 to 7 January 2006

Sportsman, Teacher, Advisor, Principal, Pastor, Pastor's Pastor

Only one life, will soon be passed.
Only what's done for Christ will last.
Pastor Ene's favourite saying

Just a few of the many tributes:

I was his "room boy" at Samoa College. I watched his life very closely. He was the first real Christian I met.  Eventually I committed my life to Ene's Lord... One day Ene, Max Rasmison and Nazarene missionary Jerry Appleby came to my house and told me God wanted me to start YFC in Samoa... Ene SagalaEne would take every opportunity to witness to anybody, anywhere. Like Paul, he could say he's "fought a good fight. He's run the race. Henceforth there is laid up for me..." His sole ambition in life was to give people the opportunity to come to Christ. And so many did because of Ene.
 -  Tavale Mataia

Ene walked close to God and radiated God's presence. He not only pioneered a church but helped launch Radio Samoa in New Zealand. He has touches hundreds and yes, thousands of lives for God's glory... Ene, you have run a wonderful race and have not faltered. Thank you for the example you set.  -  Alistair Hutchinson

He had the gift of simple, yet profound faith... Ene never wavered. He also had the gift of encouragement. So many pastors are here today because of the significant influence on their lives. And Ene had wisdom.  All he did reflected his practical wisdom. He had a strong commitment to his beloved Brethren denomination. But he loved people of any and all churches that followed the Lord Jesus. He served for many years with the Gideons, helping to get the Bible into hotels, prisons, hospitals and schools. He was very supportive of YFC and other Christian groups.  -  Lloyd Brewerton

...A school teacher, principal, pastor... He could have used the title "Reverend", but he felt that should be reserved for God. A very dedicated person, traveling to isolated villages with Gospel literature... He was longing to "go home" to be with his Lord... Ene, we will meet you again. Tofa!  - Misilei Mataia

Some of Ene's favourite songs:Somewhere Beyond the Blue

He's the Saviour of My Soul
Because He Lives
To God Be The Glory
Somewhere Beyond the Blue
Soon and Very Soon

Some of the Tributes from family:

In 1983 Dad was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few weeks to live. That's when we left Samoa and came to New Zealand. He told the Lord that if He would extend his life, he would use whatever life he had to reach as many people for God as he could. Dad didn't solve our problems. Instead he taught us to deal with our problems - by going to God in prayer. Dad loved God's people: Brethren and people from many church affiliations.

Sagala Family...Dad always looked for, and found the good in people. He was patient. He had a taste for quality, regardless of the cost. He was a perfectionist... He loved and befriended everyone, especially those who were down and out. He always valued people's input. He was punctual, and had little patience with us when we were not punctual. We are so proud of our Dad!

...Dad was committed to preach the Gospel - EVERYDAY! His trust was in the Lord. He gave his all to God. He put God first in his life. Love your family NOW. Don't wait till they're gone. Make the most of every opportunity. That's what Dad did. "To whom much is given, much is required."

...Dad didn't want to be remembered for himself, but for Jesus and the character qualities God allowed to be developed in him. ...When all is said and done Ene would be the first to say, he's just a sinner saved by grace! "Glory!" was the last word written in his journal, the day he went into the presence of the Lord.

E fiafia lava Lilia ma le fanau e momoli atu le agaga faafetai ona o lo outou auai mai i lenei aso, e momoli le agaga faafetai i le Atua oma o le ola auauna o le tama ia Ene Sagala.

Ene is survived by his dear wife Lilia, and their children:

Lui & Ane Ponifasio, Jason & Mabel Faataape, Malaine Sagala, Willie & Ave Robertson, Mataio & Taliilagi Sagala, Mareko Sagala, Arona & Karen Sagala

and grandchildren:

Grace, Canaan, Roanna Ponifasio; Nikolao, Osana, Enelaki, Litia Faataape; Melaraena, Robertamae, Trinity Robertson; Caylen, Laine, Eli Sagala; Joel Sagala

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