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By David Rossman

ASSIST News Service

YELM, WASHINGTON (ANS) -- The terrorist had a secret they didn't tell us. Many people kissed and hugged in the early hours that day. Not knowing that it was the last time. Were the words "I love you" said that day? Life went on as usual, until...BAM! Time froze and life took a quick turn. Lives were lost and souls went home. Seasons change when the time has come.

We cannot control what happens, we can only sit back and watch as life unfolds. Gold, red, brown and orange fall to the ground without a care. Scorching summer days are gone and autumn is slipping fast as well. Soon the blanket of winter will be here, but few will feel warmth. There are reasons for everything. Some things just happen while others give reason for their cause. In all things there is joy, happiness, sorrow and pain. Through every season we gather strength. Getting stronger because of what we go through, but unable to see the big picture unless removed from it.

This world has gone to war and who knows when it will end. We will all feel the pain and deal with it in our own way. There will always be people out there who want to take the easy road in life while controlling those around them. They want to take the credit without lending a hand, or quick to point fingers without seeing the problem through to the end.

The decisions we make today, we will have to sleep with tonight. Are we ready for that? In the last month or so, this country has become united. United we stand and divided we fall. Some people say they stand for what is right, yet tear down the support group around them. In every area of our lives, we are a team.

A team is only as strong as the its weakest link. If the strongest link has to pull twice the load, he too will break down. We shouldn't want to shred the foundation that makes us strong. One person cannot do it all. Followers must be taught to lead before taking that position, yet if those who teach will not take the time to teach, they should be prepared to take the blame and not shove it on to the next in line.

We ALL have to do our part to stay strong or the wrong person may get hurt. We need to work for the greater good of everyone around us. There isn't one person "better" than another. If you want to lead and have your own "team", you better be willing to jump in with them to fight the battle, otherwise the very fabric that we call "teamwork" will disintegrate from within. From the nation to our workplace and even in our homes, don't break down what needs to be built up.

Don't yell if wrong moves are made, if right procedures haven't been taught. Don't try to take the lead if you're going to be the first to bail out. Don't shift blame on your responsibility. If a war is being fought by order of mouth, yet the one giving orders is hiding from the fight, the backlash will burn in the end.


David B. Rossman is married to Donna and they have a daughter called Anita Rose You can write to David at PO Box 2072, Yelm, WA 98597-2072, USA, or e-mail him at   Despite having cerebral palsy, David is a prolific writer.  He may be contacted via e-mail at


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