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Dear friends,

I have pleasure in enclosing herewith an extraordinary report from David Pierce about a recent outreach in South America where he saw God move in some of the heaviest satanic Gothic clubs in the world. Because they are still working in these clubs, he is not being specific about the country or city this occurred in.

Minneapolis-born David Pierce has one of the most daring musical outreaches I have come across. I even helped him write a book about his earlier ministry called Rock Priest, which carried a foreword, by YES keyboard legend, Rick Wakeman.

God bless you!

Dan Wooding 

Thursday, October 31, 2002

By David Pierce, founder of No Longer Music and Steiger International
Special to ASSIST News Service

SOUTH AMERICA  (ANS) -- Everyone had to pack up quickly and go to House of Satan (this is not the exact name of the club but has a similar title) to prepare for our concert there. Apparently when the band first arrived there was some talk about us canceling the concert because of an inadequate power supply.

Anna (the band manager) told everyone arguing about whether we would play that "we are going to play even if it's with one guitar and one light" and so the crisis was averted and the band entered the club. (Pictured: David and Jodi Pierce who now live in New Zealand).David and Jodi Pierce

Ton and I arrived at the club about one hour later. I had to take a shower and get some of the stage blood off me from the previous concert.

When Ton and I arrived you could see lots of fear and panic on peoples' faces. One of the guys who arranged the tour said it was too dangerous for us to play in this club and didn't want to go inside. I felt waves of fear washing over me but I didn't want to pay any attention to it.

I was anxious to get inside the club so I could see what was happening with our band. Finally after some discussion we entered House of Satan. No words that I could use would be able to describe to you the atmosphere in this club. The club consisted of three main levels.

One level consisted of a bar area with a book table where they sold books by Alistair Crowley who goes by the name the Anti-Christ. Other books by hard core Satanists were on sale as well as books by Marquis de Sade on sadism, sexual depravity, and torture.

On another level there was a big curtain that people could go behind if they wanted to have sex. But it wasn't just happening behind a curtain. A couple started having sex on the couch right next to me while I was waiting for our concert to begin.

The bottom level led to a big area where the band would play.

The club was packed with people. All the big bands come to play here. It's "cool" to have played at this club if you are in this scene.

The concrete walls were all painted black. A mechanical bat was projected on one wall. Its wings moved up and down so it looked like it was flying. Intense Gothic music was pumping downstairs where the concert would be.

A slow pulsating strobe light gave the only light. The band was not allowed to turn on any lights to set up the gear. They were finally allowed to use one candle for light. Even then, people complained and said it was too much light. The pulsating strobe made you feel like you were on a bad acid trip. This club was not just about fashion. This place had real Satanists in it. You could almost taste the darkness in the air.

The time now was 3:00 a.m. We descended to the concert area. Despite having to set up in almost complete darkness the band was ready to begin. We had to start immediately after a song they were playing over the PA finished. They didn't want us to "break" the atmosphere.

Soon after we started our concert, a woman in the front row exposed herself to me and mocked the band. I didn't see her do it because I was looking down.

The crowd was interested in what we were doing but not really friendly. When we got to the part of our concert, which shows what Jesus did on the cross, the crowd really started to react.

When Ton pressed the crown of thorns on my head there was laughing and mocking. As he continued to smash stage blood balloons on my chest the mocking increased. Ton said he started to feel like a fool. A voice was mumbling in his head how foolish we were. Our faith was wavering. Would we be impressed with these peoples' opinion about God? It was like the time when Jesus was arrested and Peter said, "I don't know Him." Would we back down?

We stood our ground and continued our demonstration of the cross. This was no small thing to do. The hostility from the crowd was growing and we didn't know what would happen to us.

I represented Jesus in our show. After I was "crucified" by Ton, I was placed in a clear coffin.

It is nearly impossible to explain to you the intense spiritual opposition I felt as I lay in that coffin. It felt like I was in Hell. It was like hearing the cries of demons all around me. People were manifesting and screaming. Those close to the band were screaming foul obscene things about Jesus.

The crowd seemed to be getting more and more worked up. I lay there totally exposed and helpless. Would the crowd go crazy? Would they attack us? Would someone smash me in the face as I lay there? I was totally vulnerable and in the hands of God.

I knew it was His idea for us to be there. So I just lay there in the coffin while the Satanists screamed. What else could I do? If God was going to protect us, fine, but even if He chose to let us get smashed, I wasn't going to deny Him.

When I came out of the coffin to demonstrate the resurrection of Jesus, the power of God came once again like we had seen so many times before! All the opposition that we experienced literally vanished!

Two girls who had been yelling the most obscene things about Jesus when I was in the coffin asked me about six times to forgive them. "I'm so sorry for what I said," one girl kept saying to me over and over again. I gave them both booklets that contained the gospel of Luke and prayed with them. They thanked me over and over again for coming.

I saw another young guy staring at the empty coffin leaning against the wall. Ton told me that that young man reminded him of himself 25 years ago. I walked up to him and gave him a Bible. I told him that Jesus loved him. As I spoke I could feel God's presence surround us like a blanket. Our whole band had many conversations with people afterwards like this.

The manager was positive afterwards but a little drunk and afraid. I don't think he knew why. As I was leaving I talked with a couple of guys. They told me that they couldn't believe that "true" Christians could be so bold in one of the most underground clubs in the Gothic scene. They really appreciated that we came.

Many said it was the best concert they had ever seen. I also talked with a guy named Spider. He was a speed freak. His face was pierced and he had a Mohawk. He thanked me for coming and wanted contact in the future.

I felt a total peace, no fear and complete authority. God broke through and showed me once again that I can trust Him.


A law was passed that if anyone prays publicly to their God during the next 30 days they'll be thrown into a hole full of hungry lions. Obviously this is the time for Daniel to go underground (See Daniel Chapter 6). Wait for the time to pass. Just shut your window when you pray. It's only for a short period of time. 

But Daniel said there are some things that are not negotiable. There are some things that I will not compromise and he continued to pray like he always did with the window open. He wasn't going to hide his faith.

So he was taken and thrown into the pit with the hungry lions. The king couldn't sleep all night and finally came to where he was thrown in the morning and he says "Daniel, servant of the living God. Has God been able to rescue you?" And Daniel said, "Yes, God has come and he's closed the mouths of the lions, they did not hurt me, I don't even have a wound on me" and they lifted Daniel out of the lion's den and there was nothing, no harm came to him because he trusted God.

You see, if you hide your faith you're never going to get to go to the lion's den. But do you know where extraordinary things will happen in your life?  Not in the conference, or in your church, or in your home or the secure place. The extraordinary things happen in the lion's den. That's where the angels are. That's where the power of God is -- in the lion's den. So pray this: "God send me to the Lions Den. Help me not to hide my faith, no matter what the cost."

For further information on the ministry of No Longer Music, go to their website which is

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