Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Power of the Mass Media to Influence and Corrupt
Movie Review
By Dr. Ted Baehr, Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE®

HOLLYWOOD, CA  (ANS) -- Hollywood, CA -- Caryl Matrisciana is a superb documentary filmmaker, and her video GODS OF ENTERTAINMENT is an extremely important contribution to media wisdom. Taking off on my statement that whoever controls the media controls the culture, Caryl shows the behind-the-scenes mechanism of how Hollywood works and exposes the prevailing bias in the entertainment industry.

This video is not one-sided. It also shows, as we have for years in our Report to the Entertainment Industry, that Christian, conservative, and patriotic films do better at the box office, and it exposes the political correctness, violence, sex, and foul language agenda of another group of Hollywood filmmakers. In fact, one may ask why when moviegoers prefer conservative, patriotic films with positive moral values does Hollywood's elite continue to spew out motion pictures promoting socialism, radical feminism, left-wing political correctness, violence, sex, language, pagan influence and atheism? Mel Gibson's unprecedented success with THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST overwhelmingly expresses the spiritual heart of the majority of Americans yet Hollywood's decision makers adamantly refused to invest in the making of Mel's film or support its distribution. The GODS OF ENTERTAINMENT shows us why.

Many believe the strong anti Judeo Christian bias of those in mass media and their influence in the content of TV programs and movies is to blame for the declining values of society. Hollywood would rather advance films like the HARRY POTTER series that has been lauded by pagans for the growing teenage interest in witchcraft than support traditional Bible based themes. Again, the GODS OF ENTERTAINMENT shows us why.

The most important contribution that this video makes is exposing the concentration of power in the mass media and how that power is focused on America’s 32 million teenagers. In the process of being bilked of their $150 billion spending potential, these teenagers are being seduced, enticed, and brainwashed by biased media messages which dangerously twist worldviews for the worse.

Featuring interviews with Dr. Ted Baehr, Mel Gibson’s documentary filmmaker Dave Minasian, radio talk show host Jane Chastain, pastor Dave Shirley, and many others, this video is must-viewing.

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Phone: 1-800-897-5080
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RATING: Not Rated
RELEASE: May, 2004
TIME: 70 minutes
DIRECTOR: Caryl Matrisciana
PRODUCER: Caryl Matrisciana
WRITER: Caryl Matrisciana
DISTRIBUTOR: Caryl Productions

CONTENT: (CCC, M) Strong Christian worldview with film clips and discussion of the problems, sins, fallacies, and evils of the entertainment industry.

GENRE: Documentary

Language: None
Violence: None
Sex: None
Nudity: None

(c) Baehr, 2004.

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