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Something to Sing About
Billy Graham's first movie to reach out specifically to black
audiences has been a hit. Something to Sing About (see link #1
below), filmed in an urban setting and featuring hip hop gospel
star Kirk Franklin, is being broadcast in 200 local markets this
month. During an intermission, Graham's son Franklin offers a
brief Christian message.

...The movie was No. 1 in the ratings in New York City, beating
game six of the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs, Tim Morgan of
Graham's ministry told Religion Today. Thousands of people called
a telephone number that flashed on the screen, and 40 percent
made a first-time decision to become a Christian, he said. The
film made its world premiere at the Acapulco Black Film Festival
this month drawing "nearly universal raves" from a secular
audience, Newsweek magazine reported.

...Something to Sing About is an attempt by Graham's ministry to
broaden its reach to African American Christians, who have had a
"decidedly chilly" response to Graham films in the past,
according to the magazine. Filmmaker Charlie Jordan is the first
black and first woman to direct one of Graham's films, which are
made by the ministry's World Wide Pictures unit. The storyline
dates to the 1960s when Graham's current chief operating officer,
John R. Corts, came across a woman in New York who was rescuing
young men from street life and leading them to salvation.


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