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Just Good Reading

Parable of the Talents gets fresh application by this church. Pastor hands out $40,000.

Christmas - a pagan holiday?

The Real St. Nick - Mark Earley, Prison Fellowship

5,000 Sportsmen Profess Faith in Christ

Advent Violence - by Jeff Fountain

An Urgent Calling - Why Christians Belong in Politics

Persecuted on a Train - Gospel for Asia frontlines report

Rethinking Church - by Chuck Colson. Is the Church getting the job done? Not according to recent polls.

The Seven Wonders of Your World Movie - it's probably not what you think. Check it out.

Stop theTraffik - slavery is alive and well in many hidden places

A Better Hour - Helping young people spend their time better, by Chuck Colson

The Seven Ups

Christian TV in Iran is exceeding expectations

Garbage Trucks - What to do when somebody dumps on you.

Fiji - Impact World Tour - 110,000 hear the Gospel in the last 4 weeks.

China Christian Estimates too high, new survey reveals

Samoa 4 Missions - Report #1 from Sapapalii

Apia, Samoa report - Report #2
Pago, Am. Samoa - Report #3

An Athiest Professor and a US Marine - "God, if you're real, knock me off the platform. You've got 15 minutes." Not a wise thing to say. Find out why.

Keep Your Fork - Touching story of a woman giving instructions to her minister before she died.

Teen Challenge in Minneapolis give thanks to God for His intervention. Read just a few of the many accounts, and see a few quality pictures of the greatest catastrophe in Minnesota's history.

Good As It Gets? - Jeff Fountain provides more insite on Europe, it's rich past, it's current condition, and hope for its future.

Geneva provides more answers - as we study Europe's Christian past... - by Jeff Fountain

Allah or Jesus? - by Rick Mathes (with responses from Truth Or Fiction, Urban Legends and Rick Mathes)

To Kill an American - Written by an Australian dentist in response to an ad in a Pakistan newspaper offering a reward to anyone who killed an American.

Surprised in Halle - Jeff Fountain discovers part of our heritage and a centre of Pietism that breathed new life into the Christian movement. It was from Halle that the first Protestant missionary enterprise began.

Across Ministries (& Affiliates) Reports:

Christian Age Ministries - Auckland, NZ
Pioneer Ministries - Chennai, India
Don & Patti Hall - Ministry update
Lydia Hall - Te Ao Marama News...
Radio Ministry, Bangladesh
Abba Ministries, California, USA
Beloved Ministries, Canada
Manila training & care, PhiIippines

Jack Frost - helping people know the love of God
Amazing Hand Paintings - if you appreciate art, don't miss this.
Dancing with God - a meditation on Guidance
Kenn Gulliksen - Surprised by Grace, Rescued by love
A Stunning Senior Moment - why the older generation will never understand the younger one.
The Green Green Grass of Iraq - one soldier is growing some, thanks to family. See the picture here.
Legacy of Depression - author of well-known hymns and famous one-liners of today was a classic manic depressive
Fatal Virus is Spreading in India - about 1 million people have already been affected
Ten Ideas to Help You Exercise -
10 different ideas to help you pursue a lifetime of health and fitness.

South Pacific Games Outreach - Samoa 07
Martha Wade - Mosaic Life, famous actress (
The Waltons, Days of Our Lives, and Safe at Home)
shares about the abuse she went through...
Social Entrepreneurship, Mission in the Real World - Patrick Dodson,
podcast with video, linked text, slides... Discussing how people are impacting the world...

Bird Feeding - and government handouts
YWAM "Proclaim" Conference - Bringing together Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. reports
Pacific Islanders make good missionaries - David Hall
Easter Meditations - John Adams, Ronald Reagan, George MacDonald, and more
Love Feasts - a lost tradition you could re-start
Addicted to Pleasing - by Doug Fields
Little Red Book of Wisdom - Bill Ellis - Wisdom is related to knowledge, experience, erudition, insight, sagacity and common sense.
Psalm 23 - with pics and application
Holistic Health - Ten essentials for the whole person being healthy
Nicky Cruz New Zealand Crusade reaches gang members from around the nation
Healing through Radio - Gospel 4 Asia reports from India
Indian Outsourcing Creates Outreach Opportunities - Asian Access finds ways to reach the growing IT community in India

UCBONES ICANARMY - 24/7 Prayer video
One Seed Can Change the World - a chance encounter with an old school teacher taught me a lesson I'll never forget

Bible now on DVD - Now available thru Across

Sea of Stones and a new island from Volcano - amazing pics from this blog
Persecution is Hard - but they soon forgive...
Looking for Kingdom Men - THE STARFISH AND THE SPIDER: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations by Ori Brafman and Rod Beckstrom

Must Read - What happens on the internet when kids don't know any better
10 Ways India is Changing the World
Pride Can Kill - An admiral and a petty officer face off
10 Common Grammar Mistakes the spell checkers won't catch - from Netscape
Developing Christian Impact on Society - Dr. John Stott
The Most Dangerous Days on the Road
Urgent Recall by The Maker on All Models
The Wallet - touching story of how love can last...

Family Matters

Marriage First - Bob & Yvonne Turnbull
Life is Short - Churck Colson - lawyers, advertising, marriage... what are we teaching the children?
What Legacy Are You Leaving? - Bob & Yvonne Turnbull

Leilani (Hall) Liew graduates from the University of Auckland ("Top 1 percent in the world")
David & Lydia Hall - Samoa 07 Report
Think, Thank, Tell - The Gift of Love - by Yvonne Turnbull
Leilani & Bryan - wedding pics
Johanna Molenaar - Lydia's Mom with the Lord
Josiah Ariki Hall


Nativity Story ranked #1 most redeeming film of 2006
Amazing Grace review(s)
Amazing Grace
The Ultimate Gift
Jesus Camp
more entertainment articles here

Somewhat Political
Mexican Protester Demanding his "Constitutional Alien Rights"
Greensburg, Kansas - compared to New Orleans response
Some background and goals of terrorists
Putting the War in Iraq in Perspective - by
Raymond S . Kraft

Bird Feeding
Arab-American Psychologist -
Here is a powerful statement on Al Jazeera television.
Spain and Jihadists

More Somewhat Political here

Tsunami Disaster Reports

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