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Dear friends and Intercessors,                                                           September 24, 2007

Talofa from Samoa!

Yesterday we were overwhelmed as many of us Samoans, who have been in missions for the last 30 years, shared with our people testimonies of God's faithfulness, provisions, and also His miraculous power. It was amazing and we were all in tears as our sons and daughters, our warriors, shared how God's power and faithfulness has been with each one of us as we work and minister in Bangladesh, India, Taiwan, China, South Africa, Brazil, South America, New Zealand, Australia, Mongolia, Canada (First Nations),  USA, (Native Americans), Japan, Cook Islands, Europe, and Samoa.  

Iosefo Sika Olepa Jr Ieru Mati Kealoha TroyIt was amazing to see how God can use people with very little money, such as $3.00US dollars, to prove to us that He is our provider. With that little or no money, God has sent these Islanders into every Continent of the world including South America and the Middle East.

It was very touching for our families, our churches and our Nation to hear how we went and how God had taken care of us. There were so many tears and many people were in awe of God's goodness and His presence.

But it was even more powerful as the leaders of the churches, our families, villages and government leaders stood up to take the call for missions in the hundreds after Loren Cunningham spoke on " Giving up our Rights so we can have God's Rights and fulfill His dream".

For the last 30 years, we as individuals were sent by our families because the churches didn't understand missions. Last night, at the end of the gathering, not only our families but the churches of Samoa, the villages, and the Government prayed us out. It was beautiful. This was also the case in Savai'i on the last night. We, as Samoan sons and daughters in missions, have been really blessed as now the churches are sending us out along with our families.

Our people are surely rising up to continue their legacy in fulfilling "The Great Commission".

As one of the pastors put it yesterday, "Our sons and daughters have been out there and are back to rekindle the fire for missions. It is our turn to go so our children can follow".

Silo sharingPlease keep us in your prayers as Julie and the leadership in Canada and our New Waves team continue to make waves amongst the First Nations communities and Medicine Hat.

Please pray as we go to American Samoa today (Monday) for the final 5days of the mission conferences. We are excited and believe there is going to be a mighty move in Am. Samoa as well. We want to see them obey God in going to the Nations.

Please continue to fight with us in warfare. Yesterday one of the pastors that works with us collapsed and was hospitalized. He is getting better. Many of us have been sick so please keep us in prayers.

Please also keep Julie and me in prayers as we trust God for some miraculous provisions in finances as this has been the most expensive journey we've taken in 24years. But it's all worth it as Samoans are rising up.

We love you all and value your prayers, friendship and who you are.



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