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God at Work is Vae's final update about his time in Samoa...Thank you again for all your love, prayers and support.

Report #3
Talofa everyone,                                                   October 6, 2007                                           
I am home in Canada now, and I have just return from my son, Manuia's football game.  It felt so good to watch him play so well, and hear people commenting about his playing skills. I am so proud of Manu, and as I walked away tonight, I said to myself, " THAT'S MY BOY"  It felt so good to walk up to him, give him a "high 5" and say; " You played well son, I am proud of you"
Samoan missionaries serving around the world
Picture: 8 of the 40+ Samoan missionaries serving around the world with YWAM who came home for the Samoa 4 Missions conferences. Some of them are leading teams of over a hundred staff, making a significant impact on the nations they serve.

I am now sitting in our kitchen in Medicine Hat, and I felt the Lord wanted to say something about the leaders of Samoa and how it blesses His heart about what they declared during our recent "Samoa for Missions" conferences.
Some of you have gotten the reports I sent from the both Islands of Samoa; Savai'i and Upolu, and as I sit here, the words of the Governor of American Samoa echo thru my mind:

Missions is our legacy. We must continue it. It's a must. Not only I challenge the people of American Samoa to be missionaries of the Good News of Christ, I also challenge my family and children.

He also shared the joy of being part of the great event of Samoa for Missions.  He is a funny and very kind leader, and he responded to the call to missions with three Samoan hymns which had been translated to our language when the first European missionaries landed in our islands. All three hymns were powerful, but it was the first one that brought tears to my eyes as he sang it…
"When I ponder on the Cross of Jesus
  All the desires of my own get washed away
  For I will rejoice only in the death and the resurrection of Jesus
  And at that, I forsake all the things of the world.
  (Hymn 40 in the Samoan EFKS Hymn book)

His heart was very clear:

We all felt as if a dark cloud had been moved away from all of Samoa, as the two leaders declared that this is our legacy, and that without missions, we will die.  At the end of his speech, he blessed us and asked that the Samoan people would follow us to the Nations. The people and the churches in Am. Samoa were very generous and very hospitable to us. It was an awesome week of workshops on different mission subjects and mission rallies at nights, with many from the different spheres of society responding to the mission call to GO to the Nations. 
ladies of the village bring giftsTo top it off my whole time in Samoa, as walked into the airport in Western Samoa to return to Canada, a pastor, who had been with us in the mission conferences was there with his wife. I greeted them and asked how they were, and he responded; "Vae, yesterday we did a mission call in our church after I preached about missions. Eight people from our church of about 40 stood up and said they wanted to be missionaries anywhere God called them."  Isn't that amazing that almost a quarter of this pastor's church want to be missionaries! Imagine if every church were to release a quarter of their members to be missionaries?  I feel in my heart that the land, culture and church of Samoa are finally excited about missions again!
Picture: Some of the ladies of the Sapapalii village bringing gifts.

Once again, thank you so much for all your prayers, encouragement and support ... during these past five months as we prepared for and were a part of the "Samoa for Missions" conferences.  One of my prayers is that one day Jesus will come up to us, give us a "high 5" and  say, "That's my boy/girl!  You did well, and I'm proud of you."
Some of the Samoan missionaries todayPlease pray for the release of finances and visas for those missionaries who are ready to GO and tell the world. Some of them will be going to Asia, Pacific, Middle East , Africa, South America, and some are praying about coming to work here in Canada and the U.S. with "New Waves Ministry" which ministers amongst the First Nations, Metis, Inuits and Native Americans.
Picture: Silo, Ieru, Fona, Vae and Loren Cunningham, taking questions at the Samoa 4 Missions conference.

Please also pray as we endeavor to provide discipleship and training for these new missionaries, and then to mobilize them to the Nations.
Thank you again and may the Lord of the Nations bless you all.
Vae Eli

Faatui Laolagi

Picture: Faatui Laolagi and wife
Faatui was the chairman for the Samoa for Missions conference in American Samoa.
For many years he has faithfully served as a pastor (LMS), educator (independant), and board member for YWAM.

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