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Dear friends,

33 of the 40+ Samoan missionaries commissioned"The First canoe of missionaries from our Islands here was a small group of chiefs who were just converted to the Jesus two years before. Following was another group of chiefs and another group of chiefs each of them from different village and it continue although today in a small amount. But they did it because they were our leaders so that we would follow them. We need to re kindle this cause today. Whenever a Nation stops sending missionaries they are a dying Nation.  Missions should be the foundation of every Nation and government. Today I am excited to see this start again and we trust that God will continue to send more missionaries from our islands. I am so glad that there are still Samoan warriors who are continuing the legacy of our for fathers. May God bless you".

Left: 33 of the 40+ Samoan Missionaries finally commissioned by the church

Those were the words of the Prime Minister of Samoa as he opened the Samoa For Missions conference for Upolu today.  We have just arrived from the biggest island of Samoa (Savai'I) after running workshops and gatherings of a few hundred people at nights to stir up the missions call in our islands and amongst our peoples.. Many stood to answer the call to "Go and make disciples of all nations" We had a powerful three days.

Sapapalii s4m

Sapapalii Cong. Ch'n Ch of SamoaLast night as the warriors of Savai'i Samoa with their families stood to sing "You are the only true King of the Nations" a Samoan Hymn to the Lord expressing their hearts to go to the nations.  The pastors of the mainline church EFKS commissioned all of us who have been missionaries for the first time. Many of us have been working in the nations for the last 30years but the churches didn't send us our parents did. Last night was the first time the churches send us with their blessings and prayers praying for more to follow us. We have been aired on TV here and the whole Nation have been stirred to continue the legacy our forfathers started in the early 1830s.
Now today with the blessing and the encouragements of the Prime Minister, the wife of the head of state of Samoa, the deputy head of State of Samoa, chairman of the council of churches in Samoa and many church leaders who were present today, we are ready for the next wave of Samoan missionaries.

Please pray for us as we start the mission conference in Upolu Samoa until the 23rd of September and then the Missions Conference for Am Samoa from Sept. 25th- 29th.

Thank you again for your friendship and prayers. 
Vae Eli

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