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God Shows He Cares

By Kay Como

A wonderful thing just happened to me. For a couple of weeks I had pain in my neck and shoulder. It just wasn't going away. At this point I was considering going to a chiropractor. Something was "out". It hurt to turn my head. It was also difficult driving and very distracting in counseling sessions, too.. (I'm a psychotherapist.)

I remembered recently reading from a book by Spurgeon, about how God is a "household God". And that it can take greater faith sometimes to pray for a small thing. It never occurred to me to pray for God to fix this pain in my body.

Then, a few days ago when I was feeling the pain bad, it seemed like a soft, prayer-like thought came to my mind. Like: "if You will, You can take this away." AND, immediately it seemed to sharpen (as if locating the spot) and then it stopped hurting within about 3 seconds. I got up and could turn my head for the first time in a couple of weeks without any pain.
It was very amazing to me.

MOST amazing to me was how close and attentive God is. It still seems almost incredulous. It was such a simple prayer --thought, with no intensity (like 'squinting' figuratively-speaking). The removal of the pain, which had become common place, was nothing in comparison to the over-whelming awareness of God's attention to a whispered thought.

Anyway, it is pretty amazing, outstanding, to think of God that close, that ready to help without even begging or pleading -- just asking. I still have a hard time taking it all in.

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