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Discovering God's Game Plan

By Rev. Jeff Yamashita

Although this is "Hawaii's Good News Magazine", we are not blind to many problems in our community. Little needs to be said to remind us of such problems as: increasing violence - numerous gang activities, the economic problems - the drug culture, government layoffs - the list goes on.

What are we, the body of Christ, to do? Some may hide behind their view of the Last Days, and do nothing. But I believe God has a game plan and wants His people to care enough to get involved, doing good. The gospel IS good news, when it's taken into the community, bringing hope in the name of Jesus.

We need to get out of our comfort zones, our church buildings, our fellowship with familiar friends, and focus on meeting the needs of our communities. The Apostle Paul said that "doing good" IS the result of the believer's conversion and life in the Holy Spirit. (See Titus 3.) Jesus not only taught, but showed by His example, the importance of kindness and doing good to those in need, including the "undesirables" of society.

Governor Ben Cayetano said in a news release that many of the social agencies would be eliminated or their budgets would be cut back, if the churches would take more care of the social problems of our state. This was a bold statement and not many people paid attention to it. But I agree. We shouldn't expect the government to solve all of our communities social problems.

Be open to God 
showing you some 
practical way to help.

The real problem though, is a critical shortage of people who care enough to get off the sidelines and get into the game--people who will make a difference.

So what can we do? Where can we start? Here are some suggestions:

1. Substitute teach - Retired people, home-makers and others can influence the next generation and provide a needed service.
The real problem is a critical shortage of people who care enough to get off the sidelines- people who will make a difference.

The better we understand God's game plan, the faster we can get off the sidelines! "Let us not lose heart in doing good." It is time for courage. It's time for action. You and I can make a difference. Will we?

Excerpts from a message delivered at a ministers retreat. Jeff Yamashita is the pastor of Waianae Assembly of God Church, Oahu, Hawaii.

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