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  LTS New Zealand Report

December 28, 1999 - March 22, 2000   -   by Dawn Gauslin
There was a solemn hush over the group–adults and children alike–as we
entered the gates of the Maori marae (meeting house).  Once inside the
courtyard, young warriors approached, faces painted and muscles rippling in
the sun, as they swung their spears and probed to inquire whether we had
come as friends or foes.  They placed a leaf before Loren Cunningham, as a
symbol of this question.  When he bent to pick it up, signifying our
commitment to friendship, the entire atmosphere changed, and the sound of
women's voices rang out, breaking the silence with the words of welcome:
"Haere mai!"

This was the start of the Leadership Training School (LTS), held in
Mangere, South Auckland, New Zealand.  The 131 students, 40+ staff, and
scores of children had just received one of the highest honors: being
welcomed onto the land of New Zealand by its indigenous Polynesian people,
the Maoris.

The focus of this LTS, led by Darlene Cunningham (co-founder of Youth With
A Mission), was to help equip young YWAM leaders–especially those from "the
liquid continent" comprised of the islands of the Pacific--to take greater
roles of responsibility and leadership within the Mission.  Altogether, the
students and staff represented 54 countries of the Pacific, Asia, Africa,
Europe, North and South America.  There was a rich celebration of the
nations, as each person clustered beneath the flag of their land, which
lined the walls of the Samoan Church where the LTS met.  They also
represented the future of YWAM: 85% were "Gen-Xers," born between 1961 and
1981.  This unique mixture of cultures and generations led to many diverse
expressions of worship, prayer and celebration over the three months of the LTS.

This LTS also experienced the change of millenniums together–bridging from
the 20th century into the 21st.  On December 31st, we brought our burdens,
disappointments and failures of the past and laid them at the foot of a
huge cross, placed in the center of the stage.  There we partook of the
body and blood of Jesus and claimed the power of the cross over our
futures.  From the cross, each person walked forward to a banner, with
"2000" written in one-meter high characters.  There, by faith, they wrote
on the banner the dreams and visions God had placed within their hearts for
the future.

Some met the sunrise of the new millennium sitting atop nearby Mangere
Mountain, an important place of making oaths and covenants  for the Moari
people.  Others traveled eight hours south of Auckland to join with tens of
thousands of Christians for a celebration in Gisborne, the first city to
see the sun rise upon the new millennium.  Still others joined Christian
and civic events in the Auckland region to meet this new horizon with hope
and faith in God for the future.

This LTS experienced more events and celebrations than any other in the
past; but it also fulfilled it's primary purpose: to give leadership
teaching from men and women of God which could lead to personal and
corporate revelation and transformation.  Loren Cunningham, Founder of
Youth With A Mission, reminded us of the basic premises of Christianity and
gave global vision "with no boundaries."  He also shared about the
importance of linking the European "pioneer" spirit and the African and
island "warrior" spirit together with the Asian "builder" to see the
kingdom of God established.  This triple-braided cord was a theme which ran
throughout the LTS.  (From the outset, there was also a strong sense that
Africans and islanders are to be linked for the purposes of God to be
accomplished, and many ministry relationships have been forged for the
future!)   Rod Wilson presented a powerful overview of Jesus, as He is
revealed throughout the Word.  And David Hamilton (U of N International
Associate Provost) encouraged us to ask questions and think
implicationally.  He also shared unique aspects and callings of the
University of the Nations.  Dr. Bruce Thompson (International Dean, U of N
College of Counseling and Health Care) spoke on God's divine plumbline for
our lives, giving helps for dealing with wounds in our own lives and the
lives of our co-workers.  Wilson Goeda from South Africa then followed up
with a powerful message on reconciliation and forgiveness.

Darrow Miller, a Vice President of Food For the Hungry, spoke on having a
biblical Christian world view, and our call to disciple the nations.  In
response to this teaching, students identified some of the negative world
views held within their cultural backgrounds and then prepared powerful
presentations of how God's glory can be revealed through their nations.

Maureen Menard, Director of the International DTS Centre, and her team gave
the students vision and tools for leading DTSs and other training programs.
They identified the "heart" and core curriculum requirements of the DTS and
encouraged training leaders to nurture the expression of Jesus in their
students and help to extract their potential.  Sarah Lanier shared on
personality and culture, as well as group process skills, and Joe Portale
(International Associate Dean, U of N College of Christian Ministries) and
David Hamilton shared about YWAM's apostolic call and revelational

The year 2000 marks the 40th anniversary of Youth With A Mission, therefore
every 10 days into the new year, the LTS participated in "Decade
Celebrations" led by Frank Naea, our next president.  Each one focused on
the words of the Lord and the foundations He built into YWAM during each
decade of our development.  We remembered the 1960s on January 10th, the
70s on January 20th, etc.  Friends from far and near came by to help us
recall these events, including Ross and Margaret Tooley, Enid Scratch, Ben
and Helen Applegate, Vic and Carolyn Sundseth, Winkie and Fae Pratney, Bob
and Simmone Dyer and others.  These were key times for the LTS students to
hear the history of the Mission and receive an impartation of our genetic
DNA from the founders, Loren and Darlene Cunningham, and others.

Then, on February 9th, the atmosphere was charged with "electricity" as the
LTS and all the local YWAM staff crowded into the Samoan Church on Freda
Place.  Every seat was filled.  It wasn't just excitement, but the electric
sight and sound waves of GENESIS, as YWAM Mangere New Zealand was about to
connect in a multi-link with YWAM Norway, Kona, South Africa, Latvia, Los
Angeles and Lausanne.  YWAMers had gathered in these seven locations 40
days into the new millennium to celebrate the past 40 years of YWAM's
history, and to fast and pray for 40 hours for the future.  This new wave
of runners that had gathered were as young as the first: 17, 18, 23, 25.
And some were even younger: second-generation YWAM kids who were 9, 10 and
11 were at the heart and prophetic thrust of what God said and did.  But
even more exciting, this next wave was not made up of just North Americans
and Europeans.  True to the vision of  the Mission from the start, this
wave was made up of young people from every continent of the world:
Africans, Asians, Latins, and people from the islands of the sea.

Jim Stier, YWAM's current President who was leading a large LTS in Norway,
and Frank Naea, YWAM's incoming President, who was here in New Zealand,
were key contributors to this GENESIS event.  We also received a challenge
from Joy Dawson (in Los Angeles) to give God our "Unwavering Obedience,"
and a report from David and Judy Cunningham on the progress on their new
film, "To End All Wars," which the LTS had previously prayed over.

Here in New Zealand, God had been speaking to the Gen-Xers from that outset
of the school that, just as the first 40 years of YWAM's history were
focused on reaching nations, the ministry focus of this next tidal-sized
wave will not only be reaching the nations and the people groups, but
especially the "mind molders"–discipling the nations through the spheres of
society.  God has given them this vision with a new clarity and conviction
and they are claiming these areans as "theirs"!  As Loren shared in his
March letter to the global YWAM family, "The way in which they prayed,
prophesied and embraced the inheritance of the future was totally fresh:
intense, rich, wonderful, creative, active, loud, quiet, colorful,
multi-cultural, youthful, prophetic, fun, solemn and more and more and
more.  There were spontaneous expressions in clay, dance, music, cardboard
constructions, drawings, poems and drama.  One of the most powerful
elements of the whole event was the ‘agreement' of generations, proclaiming
the future in this generation's form, with great joy and unity.  It was a
multi-generational celebration of hope for seeing God's promises
fulfilled....  Words cannot adequately convey what we experienced together
via GENESIS in worship, a tangible sense of the omni-presence of God's
Spirit at work among us simultaneously in these far-distant locations, and
the unified hope and understanding that He gave for the future of Youth
With A Mission.  What transpired during these 40 hours was of major
significance for the Mission as a whole as we travailed in prayer for the
birth and release of peoples, nations and ministries on God's heart....
The resounding conclusions from these 40 hours of prayer is that God is
firmly on the Throne, and His dreams for the future of the Misison are in
good hands!"   (Attached are some of the headlines God spoke to us
regarding the future of YWAM.)

Following the GENESIS multi-link, Cheryl Harrison, Acting Director of YWAM
Latvia wrote: "Thank you for including Latvia in the 40 hours of prayer and
enabling us to be a part of GENESIS...[this] means a lot, because of the
history of this small nation.  Latvians generally feel like they are not
important and are too small for anyone to take notice.  When the Soviets
annexed them during WW II, they felt neglected and forgotten when no one
came to their rescue.  Throughout their history [they were]...ruled by one
oppressive system after another.  I don't really know how to put it in
words, but our being able to be a part of GENESIS is significant and a real
honor.  After years of being cut off from the rest of the world, and having
so many restrictions in the areas of travel and is just
awesome to be connected to the rest of the world in this way.  I believe in
some way this is breaking a stronghold that has held back the destiny of
this nation."

Immediately following the 40 hours of fasting and prayer, students launched
into the LTS Project Workshop, a time of focusing on how to fulfill the
visions God had put in their hearts.  A qualified team led the workshop,
comprised of Howard Malmstadt (U of N International Provost), Christine
Colby (Director, U of N Community Development Centre), David Hamilton (U of
N International Associate Provost), Linda Connorton (U of N Kona Assistant
Provost) and Fiona Gifford (International Associate Dean, U of N College of
Communication).  There was a sense that God had ordained the sequence of
these two events–speaking new dreams for the future through the 40 hours of
prayer, and then providing some practical steps for how to accomplish these
visions through the LTS Project Workshop.

Jim Stier then shared a vital and timely message on "Hope" via GENESIS from
Norway with the LTS and the Mangere Campus.  Darlene Cunningham taught on
character qualifications for spiritual leadership, giving guidelines for
husband/wife ministry teams (and how to find the right ministry partner!)
Since more than half of YWAM's constituency is made up of singles, Dawn
Gauslin then spoke on maximizing the single season, and challenged leaders
to look for ways to "do justly and love mercy" in caring for their single
as well as married long-term staff.  Darlene gave guidelines for how to
handle difficult leadership situations, and also reminded us of the
Foundational Values of YWAM.  Winkie Pratney offered some profound insight
into the fractal organization of YWAM: that we are a living organism that
should always look different on the growing edge, but always carry the same
genetic DNA at the core of every new initiative.  He also shared on the
character and nature of the wonderful God we know and serve.

Loren Cunningham returned during the final week of the LTS to explain the
international structure of YWAM and give practical principles regarding
financial integrity and  the appointment of councils and boards.  He and
David Hamilton taught on the biblical basis for women in ministry.  And Tom
Bloomer (U of N International Associate Provost) shared via GENESIS from
Lausanne on Transformational versus Transactional Leadership: our
leadership is to reflect the values of our God!  Pedro Garcia, Director of
YWAM Bangladesh, took us through an insightful review of trends throughout
YWAM's history and challenged us to take the hard places: "The success of
the future depends on how well we impart godly beliefs and values into
future generations so that they can truly disciple Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist
and Animist countries."

In addition to all that took place within the classroom, LTSers were
ministering nearly every weekend, sharing at mission festivals, Samoan,
English, Maori, Korean and Indian churches and involved in evangelism
outreaches.  Altogether, throughout the three months of the school, they
ministered to more than 20,000 people, saw 2,500+ commitments to missions
and scores of decisions to follow Christ. (See attached ministry report.)
They also made generous financial investments: the LTS spearheaded a
fundraiser that generated nearly USD$25,000 towards the development of the
Mangere Campus; they gave USD$20,000 to purchase equipment to launch
GENESIS in the Pacific Region; and they gave USD$14,000 toward the film "To
End All Wars" in a spontaneous, student-initiated time of giving.

At the outset of the LTS, God spoke to us through the image of a tree: the
roots represent our belief system; the trunk represents our values; the
branches represent our policies and the fruit, our programs.  In order for
there to be healthy life and reproduction, the DNA must flow from the roots
into the fruits; if we cut off and simply try to replicate the fruits (or
programs), they will die.  At the end of the LTS, God spoke to us through
the image of seeds.  Each fruit carries within it the seeds of life and the
DNA for multiplication.  The Family of Ministries of YWAM International is
like an orchard; all carry the same DNA, yet each tree and every fruit is
distinctly different.

As we come to the close of this LTS, we recognize that it is not an ending;
it is a beginning.  New seeds have been produced in the hearts and minds of
the students and staff which are now to be planted, nurtured and
watered–and they will lead to a whole new crop of ministries–all carrying
the same life-flow and DNA of the Mission.

The end of the LTS was as spectacular as the beginning. Students and staff
participated in a grand and glorious University of the Nations Graduation
ceremony, conferring degrees on six individuals, including three islanders.
We participated in the dedication of three babies, born to LTS students
and staff during the time of the LTS–little symbols of new life.  We were
also privileged to add the blessing of the nations to the civil wedding
ceremony of two staff members, Lionel Thompson, a New Zealander, and Misha
McClung (with a traditional church wedding to follow with Misha's family in
the States).  Lionel and Misha are both second-generation YWAMers who
embody this generation's call to disciple the nations.  And the capstone
event was the prayer and commissioning of the LTS students–who came from
the four corners of the globe–and who are returning  "into all the world,
to preach the Gospel and disciple the nations."


African, Polynesian, Korean, Indian and mixed-culture LTS teams had the
privilege of ministering through preaching, teaching, worship and creative
arts in Samoan, English, Maori, Korean and Indian churches nearly every
weekend of the school.  They also ministered at GO-Festivals, the Parachute
Festival and other missions, music and cultural festivals.  In addition,
many participated in the Americas Cup evangelistic outreach, as well as
other citywide rallies around the Auckland area.

Following are some of the churches where teams ministered.  There were many
more than those listed:
        Samoa United Churches, South Auckland (1,500 in attendance)
        Pacific Islands Church, Glenndene (1,000 in attendance)
        Pentecostal Church, New Lynn (1,000 in attendance)
        Emmanuel Church combined Korean churches, Auckland (500 in attendance)
        Samoan Church, Glenn Ennes (100 in attendance)
        Assembly of God, North Shore (250 in attendance)
        Indian Nazarene Church (200 in attendance)
        Congregational Church, Mount Wellington (200 in attendance)
        New Life Church, Henderson (700 in attendance)
        Word of Life Church, Glenn Eden (100 in attendance)
        Presbyterian Church, Papatoetoe (300 in attendance)
        Emmanuel Church, Papatoetoe (300 in attendance)
        Indian Life Center (100 in attendance)
Parachute Festival–30,000 participants.  6-7,000 visited
the YWAM booth.  LTSers had personal conversations with about 600 regarding

                In addition, Loren Cunningham spoke over 100 times during
his three months in New Zealand, all across the North and South Islands.
These numbers are not reflected in the above statistics.

U of N Workshops were made available to YWAM Staff and/or the public:
        Darrow Miller "Discipling the Nations" Seminar
        DTS Leaders' Workshop
        LTS Project Workshop

Marriage Enrichment Workshops/Relationship Enrichment Workshops
Keith and Marilynn Hamilton, veteran missionaries, were able to offer
weekend workshops to 88 LTS students and Mangere Campus staff:
        4 Level I Marriage Enrichment Workshops, involving 29   couples =
58 persons
        2 Level I Relational Enrichment Workshops, involving 30 persons
        Total who went through Level I Workshops: 88

        2 Level II Marriage Enrichment (Basic Training) Workshops,
involving 12 couples
        2 Level II Relational Enrichment Workshops, involving 15 persons
        Total who went through Level II Workshop to be equipped as
trainers:  39 persons

Orientation to the University of the Nations
The overall vision of the U of N was presented in corporate LTS sessions
from various perspectives by Loren Cunningham, Howard Malmstadt and David
Hamilton.  Students had corporate exposure and opportunity for personal
interaction with:
        Dr. Loren Cunningham, President, U of N
        Dr. Howard Malmstadt, International Provost
        David Hamilton, International Associate Provost and Assistant to
the President
        Tom Bloomer, International Associate Provost (via GENESIS)
        Dr. Bruce Thompson, International Dean, College of Counseling and
Health Care
        Fiona Gifford, International Associate Dean, College of
        Joe Portale, International Associate Dean, College of Christian
        Darlene Cunningham, Founding International Director, DTS Centre
        Maureen Menard, International Director, DTS Centre
        Christine Colby, International Director, Community Development
        Linda Connorton, Assistant Provost, Kona Campus
        Sharon Carrington, Pacific and Asia Regional Records Office

Financial generosity:
LTS students and staff were involved in giving to several pioneer projects:
        $20,000 USD offering given to purchase equipment and launch GENESIS
in the Pacific Region
        $25,000 USD raised for development of Mangere Campus through
                $14,000 USD given through spontaneous student-led
initiative toward production of David Cunningham's film "To End All Wars"


        --The structure of YWAM may look different, but the foundation
stones are to remain; we must restore the godly foundations of YWAM and
repair any faulty foundations, in order to support future expansion
--Room for familiar and unfamiliar ways of reaching out
--A corporate embracing of the "mind molders," into which God has sewn the
seeds for the future
--New openness to get into closed nations
--More freedom for creative and indigenous expressions of worship
--Battle for our inheritance; fight shoulder-to-shoulder against the enemy
--Purposeful mentoring, the older coming alongside the younger, equipping
and releasing them
        --The future will be more and more cross-generational and
multi-cultural, with men, women, old and young honored and involved in God
speaking and moving among us; youth will take more leadership and be more
prominent in the Mission, but all ages will play key roles
--The future will be the result of the prayers prayed in the past
        --Technology will allow us as a decentralized Mission to be more
unified; GENESIS will allow us to participate in more diverse expressions
of group worship and assist us in hearing the voice of God globally
        --We are to do God's will in ways never done before; new
expressions of creative prayer and fasting
        --God has given us the 87 nations where YWAM training does not yet
exist: we are to take spiritual possession of these lands (Jesus said to
disciple ALL nations - YWAM must take up this challenge)
--God will give us strategic, connected intercession for whole regions of
the globe
--Restoration of the Biblical Christian mind: we need to know what we
believe and why
--Greater emphasis on the Muslim world
--We are to reach every sphere, every people
        --In crossing over the Jordan from the past to the future, the
dichotomy between the U of N and other parts of the YWAM Family of
Ministries will dissolve: the U of N will provide keys for frontier
missions and reaching the hard places
--The arts will take a prominent lead
--Gen-X, a "pay-the-price, go-for-it" generation, will reach their destiny!

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