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"TO END ALL WARS" can start a conversation

Faith based movies are finally making their way, with dignity, into the mainstream. One of these such films is Jack Hafer's, "TO END ALL WARS" based on a true story by Ernest Gordon.

HOLLYWOOD, CA  (ANS) -- How does a person of faith start a conversation with a world bent on looking for ways to undermine and deconstructionalise anything that carries Christian content?

December 10th, Arclight Theater, Hollywood, California.

(review by Ken Tamplin)

A true story about four Allied POWs who endure harsh treatment at the hands of their Japanese captors during World War II while being forced to build a railroad through the Burmese jungle. Ultimately they find true freedom by forgiving their enemies. Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Robert Carlyle, Ciarán McMenamin and James Cosmo.

At the height of World War II, Singapore is invaded by victorious Japanese armed forces. A small group of retreating Allied soldiers, led by Lt. Col. Stuart McLean, Major Ian Campbell, Captain Ernest Gordon, and Lt. Jim Reardon, is captured and led to a prison camp deep within the jungles of Burma-Siam. 

Upon arriving at the camp the POWs are forced by the Japanese to build a railroad through treacherous jungle wilderness. Escape is their first priority, but when their commanding officer, Colonel McLean, is ruthlessly killed by the Japanese Head Guard, the men are left to themselves without a leader. 

Major Campbell, the Colonel's second in command, rises to the challenge and starts planning a suicidal takeover of the camp by the prisoners. His greatest obstacle is loss of morale caused by slave labor, starvation, disease and brutal beatings. 

Led by the example of British POW Dusty Miller, Ernest decides to start a college of liberal arts and a "church without walls" within the camp. The prisoners begin to regain their dignity and hope, but they are also encouraged to forgive their enemies and sacrifice themselves for their fellow POWs. 

Soon Gordon and his school are in conflict with Campbell's planned coup d'etat. The rival values lead to split loyalties within the camp, and reveal that amidst so much physical suffering, the most treacherous war is the one fought within. 

Why this film has a special place in my heart is because I write music for film an TV and am constantly challenged to look for ways to express my faith in a way that can be received and understood by my peers. I watch the majority of the film and TV industry consistently mock and degrade anything that has overtones of religious faith, particularly Christian faith.

So how does a person of faith start a conversation with a world bent on looking for ways to undermine and deconstructionalise anything that carries Christian content?

One might start with a book based on a true story that carries indisputable faith, courage, love and virtue in a setting that flies in the face of human nature. One would do it with excellence and without compromise regardless of what the world or even the church might have to say about the graphic nature of the depravity of man. One would try to walk up the middle of both lines of prejudice with a bullet proof example of these attributes and throw the gauntlet down to believer and unbeliever as an indictment to us all to challenge our beliefs, and then summons us to take an inventory of our lives and to ask the ultimate questions of who am I, why am I here and where am I going?

One might do all these things and title it: "TO END ALL WARS".

My hat's off to you Jack Hafer, David Cunningham and Penelope Foster, you did a fine job and are setting the precedent for good faith based film making.

-Ken Tamplin

Ken Tamplin
Currently playing at the Arclight Theater in Hollywood, Ca. An exceptional venue for an exceptional movie. 
Ken Tamplin is a film & TV music producer living in Newport Beach, California. He has many award winning records and has done many scores for motion pictures and television. You can reach him at   

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