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Bishop sells palace for sake of the poor

Patrick O'Donoghue, bishop of Lancaster (UK), offered his palace for sale.
He feels it isn't right to live in a large historical building, while there
are so many poor people. The bishop didn't wait for the sale to be closed,
but moved to a simple apartment in the neighborhood of the cathedral.

It isn't likely that O'Donoghue will be much at home. As 'bishop on the
way' he will be travelling to visit the different parishes in his diocese.
He intends to stay a month in every parish. "I want to get to know the
people," he wrote in pastoral letter to all the churches. "I want to hear
your problems, and when you need me you shouldn't be talking to a stranger."

According to the bishop it's only possible to evangelize if we imitate
Christ. "Only if others see Christ shining through us, they will listen to
us. And if people don't see Christ in us, there is no reason to accept
anything from us."

Source: Reformed Daily

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