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Rosalie Anne Pedder

11 October 1947 - 17 June 2004

Rosalie's Bio

One of many poems that seemed to just flow from Rosalie

Let's Get ONE Thing Straight

by David Hall - a rap inspired in part by Rosalie
who challenged her students to be creative
and do things they've never done...


Dr. Tom Bloomer

Nu'u and Annie La'apui


My name is Erick Hanson, and I now have a BA (Honours) Political Science Specialist, from the University of Toronto. I took Rosalie’s Equivalency Orientation Seminar back in 1993, when I was working in Pune, India.

Her style of teaching awakened the hunger inside of me to learn. I came from an “academically abused” learning situation, and really despised school. During her course, I activated parts of my brain that I didn’t even know had existed.

After her course, I attended college to become a medic, then did another paramedic course, and eventually obtained a degree from the University of Toronto.

Next week, I will fly into a northern First Nations community on the coast of James Bay, Ontario, Canada for a one-year teaching contract. I will be teaching a literacy upgrading course to First Nations people, which will enable them to apply for High School Equivalent jobs, or to apply to attend college or university.

I would not be able to do this without having been taught by Rosalie.Rosalie, you are missed. Your work and legacy is still very alive. The next generation is being equipped because of what you sacrificed.

Erick Hanson, BA (Hons)



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