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David Barrett's latest World Religions statistics 

About 33% of the world's people are Christians, at least in name, American
missions statistician David Barrett says. The Global Evangelization
Movement said that 2,015,743,000 of the Earth's 6,091,351,000 people believe in some form of Christianity. Church members total 1.898 billion, and 1.3 billion attend services. Pentecostal and charismatic Christianity is growing fastest; 482 million belong to such
movements and 680 million can be described as "Great Commission Christians," Barrett said.

...Muslims comprise the second-largest faith group. Followers of Islam
number 1.215 billion, followed by 786 million Hindus, 362 million
Buddhists, 225 million members of tribal religions, and 102 million members
of "new religions."

...The world also has a large number of unbelievers. A total of 774 million
consider themselves "nonreligious" and 151 million say they are atheists,
Barrett said.

...A sobering statistic: It is estimated that 165,000 Christians will be
martyred for their faith in Christ this year, Barrett said.

...Large cities are key as mission fields of the future, Barrett said. An
estimated 2 billion people live in poor urban areas, 1.3 billion of them in
slums. The world has 410 cities with more than 1 million inhabitants and
4,100 with at least 100,000 residents.   

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