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China: the gospel for idiots

"A Chinese proverb says 'A wise person must hear the truth once to believe it;
a sensible person twice and an idiot three times before he believes it.' I
belong to the final category," writes a Chinese Christian who only recently left
the traditional Yiguandao sect to follow Jesus Christ.

"The first time I heard the truth was when my best friend was refused entry to
a Yiguandao meeting because she had a harelip (a split upper lip). 'Businessmen
don't buy rotten goods, and we don't accept invalids. We must remain pure to
retain our power,' the leader explained. I took her home, and she cried with
shame. Two months later, I invited her to come to a Christian house church to
which I had been invited. To my astonishment, they washed our feet when we sat
down with them. They welcomed us as guests of honour! My friend was overcome,
and burst out in tears as she told about her rejection from the Yiguandao sect.
That evening, the house church read from John 13: 'If I do not wash your feet,
you have no part with me'. My friend was overjoyed and became a Christian. I was
happy for her, but never went back there myself. As I said, I was an idiot...

The second time was during another Yiguandao meeting led by my parents. I had
invited another student, who was very hesitant to come along. That evening, the
group tried 'automatic writing', in which 'gods' take possession of a medium and
dictate messages to us. That evening, though, nothing happened. The medium
became increasingly frustrated until she turned to my friend and said 'You're
the problem. I've been shaking since you entered the room. It seems as though
the spirit won't reveal himself while you are here.' My friend replied 'I belong
to the only true God and follow his son, Jesus Christ. Call your spirit and ask
him in Jesus' name whether he is good or evil." The medium did as he said, and
wrote the words 'I come from hell'. I had again experienced Jesus, and still did
not believe. A true idiot.

A long time later, I met my friend again. We had both married in the meantime,
so our friendship was no longer so close. We met in a park to chat. When I saw
that she had a Bible in her handbag, I had a terrible thought: I decided to
steal her Bible! When she left, I started to read random sections. The first
words I read were 'Today you will be with me in paradise.' I was surprised and
shocked, because Jesus said those words to one like me, a thief. And suddenly, I
saw it! Jesus is Lord of life and death. He can choose who he accepts into
paradise. That truth filled me with total certainty, and the Chinese religion
suddenly seemed ridiculous. My friend returned because she had discovered that
her Bible was missing, and discovered me reading it. Since then, I trust God and
can hardly wait to have a Bible of my own..."
Source: an unnamed Chinese Christian.   Thanks, Open Doors
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