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Indigenous Missionary Assistance

Often those people who are from a country or people group - or one nearby - are much more effective in communicating the Gospel to those people than someone from the “Western World”. 

Across Ministries helps indigenous Christian workers Typically their main need is financial assistance to continue in God’s service and take care of their family.  The Indigenous Missionary Assistance Program seeks to help selected workers who have a proven track record of effective service for the Lord. 

These include key leaders from the Philippines, Australia, Bangladesh, Samoa, India, Nepal, etc.  Would you pray about helping one or more of these?  

Note: all the sponsorship support goes out as designated.

Here's How You Can Help

Often $30.00 a month (per person) can make a world of difference in their effectiveness. Through our “Matching Fund” system you could help support an indigenous missionary for only $15.00 a month. 

Or you can provide the whole $30.00 a month.  Up to you.  Of course some need more, some are married with children.  But this can go a long way to help with their needs.  Just fill out the form below.

This is a great way for you to be involved in spreading the Gospel IF you are called to NOT go yourself.  

Response Form Below


Response Form

     You can cut & paste this short form into a blank email, mark and send to: Across Ministries - - or just send us the information.

     1.  Yes, I am interested in helping to support:

     ___  One of the orphans in Indonesia or India
     ___  Someone in a Christian Drug Rehab in Asia
     ___  Someone in the AIDs Hospice for Women in India
     ___  Someone in one of the homes for street children or ________________

     ___  An Indigenous Missionary serving in: ___________
     ___  MK (missionary kid) Support Fund

     ___  Across Ministries - where needed most

     2.  ___ Yes, I will pray for this ministry regularly

             Enclosed is my gift of $__________
             for: __________________________
             ___  where needed most
             ___  Please send me an automatic payment form (NZ only)

     Your first & last name:
     Your full mailing address:

     Your complete telephone number:
     If you have email, your email address:

Please email the info to: - or snail mail it - to one of the addresses here: 
Across Ministries 

 PO Box 13-580, Auckland 1132, New Zealand 
 PO Box 1388, Lake Elsinore, CA 92531 USA

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