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A New Car for Only $15

A 15-year-old boy came home with a new Chevrolet Avalanche and his parents became all agitated, demanding to know: “Where did you get that truck?!” He told them he’d just bought it — from the lady up the street.

Chev“I don’t know her name-they just moved in,” he explained. “She saw me ride past on my bike and asked me if I wanted to buy a Chevrolet Avalanche for $15.”

His parents quickly made their way to the seller’s house, where they found her calmly planting petunias. They introduced themselves and asked for an explanation.

“Well,” she said, “This morning I got a phone call from my husband. I thought he was on a coffee break, but learned from a friend he had run off to Hawaii with his mistress and really doesn’t intend to come back. He claimed he was stranded and asked me to sell his new Chevrolet Avalanche and send him the money … so I did.”

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