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YWAM Chennai Report - God is impacting many lives through this ministry in South India
Take the family to Narnia - better yet, take the whole youth group
Warning! New Credit Card Scam
Kannai Nagar Chennai - Disaster Relief work update
- YWAM India
Bizzare is Going On in Baghdad - Charisma Magazine
       “We actually died from weapons of mass destruction used by Saddam Hussein. We don’t need outsiders to tell us what Saddam did or did not have. He did have, develop and used weapons of mass destruction. We experienced it firsthand. He used them on us! Whether he buried them, sold them, hid them or took them out of the country we do not know, but that is beside the point.” Iraqi Foreign Minister
It's Not About Preaching, It's About Doing - Christian Pathway Leads to Top Business Listing in New Zealand
Pakistan Earthquake Pictures
Loren Cunningham Challenges New Zealand - Again at "Revival Comes" conference
Christians Around the World Support Indian Rally for Dalits - formerly known as the "untouchables"
8 Imprisoned Chinese Church Leaders Released - Kidnapped pastor sent to unknown location
Progress in Iraq - Encouraging reports of significant changes taking place
Sharing Narnia - Author Paul Friskney will make several television appearances in December to support his latest book release, Sharing the Narnia Experience: A Family Guide to C. S. Lewis's The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Adrian Rogers - Southern Baptist Leader, Passes Away at 74
Chronicles of Narnia Movie Review - by Dr. Ted Baehr
Dr Cat Stevens - Yusuf Islam receives honorary doctarate of philosophy and criticizes earthquake response
Organization Arms Parents with Evolution Package
European Leaders say the UN Security Council Must Act Now on the Burma Situation
56 Die in Suicide Bombing while hate is still preached in jail by radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza
Christian Radio Spreads in Africa Through UCB
1000+ March in Solidarity Walk in Pakistan for Earthquake Victims
Prostitutes in Calcutta's Sex Industry - Kiwi Couple Rescues Sex Slaves
South Asia Tsunami Update - Amdaman Islands, by Mike Bordon
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities Partner
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
American Activists appeal to Bush Re: Jailed Chinese Christian Leader

Girls Shot in the Head in Indonesia
          Schoolgirl Dies in Indonesia - some see new round of Muslim anit-Christian violence
3 Christian Schoolgirls Beheaded in Indonesia

South Asia Earthquake Reports
S Asia Earthquake

How much Faith should be expressed in the Marketplace? - Starbucks to offer inspiration with coffee - CNBC report
Mongolia Now Has Christian TV
Pakistan - YWAM RescueNet
Paul Harvey on Public Prayer
53 Million Muslims now live in Europe
Hollywood - Bible Belt - New Research by the Barna Group Reveals Surprises
Promise Keepers - International Conference to be in the Bahamas
Revolution / Church - already over 20 million strong in the USA
A Failed Exorcism - Movie Review: The Exorcism of Emily Rose (documentory)
Iraq Church Helps New Orleans - Dr. Terry Law
Asia Tsunami Update Aug. 05 - YWAM Chennai Report
Can a Disastrous Storm Become a Blessing? - this Louisiana pastor thinks so
MSG - the Slow Poisoning of Millions around the world
Not Abandoned - God's Love Becoming Flesh on Desire Street - New Orleans - by Chuck Colson
Lord Taylor of Warwick (British House of Lords) makes a spiritual pilgrimage to Beverly Hills, California
Katrina Update - One person's perspective
YWAM New Orleans - eleven buildings, relief work underway ...

Gulf Hurricane Disasters

Pray for Auckland 8-05 - City-wide prayer meeting at Greenlane
Da Vinci Code: Conspiracy, Fact or Fiction? - with resources to check out the historical evidence
Persecution of Christians in Indonesia Growing
Uzbekistan Detains Forum 18 News Reporter
Jubilee Reports on the Devastation & Blessings in Bombay
China Christians Now Outnumber Communist Party Membership
16th Southern California World Harvest Crusade Draws 150,000
Osama Virus Warning - be careful, this could mess up your computer
Court Proceedings Continue for Indonesian Sunday School Teachers - each Muslim child who attended the Sunday school classes had their parents' permission, and when the three Christian women took the children on field trips, the children were accompanied by their Muslim parents

Nepal - Christianity Growing in Spite of a Nation in Turmoil
China Church Leader on Trial - Court makes promises, then changes...
Queen Street, is it the Devil's Territory - Prayer Station in Auckland told they Affect the Atmosphere
London Bobmings Evoke Sympathy in Middle East, Christian Leaders, UN Officials Respond to Terrorist Attacks
G8 Summit Update - Somber Mood at Gleneagles as London is is Rocked by Terririst Attacks - Churches show love
Under The Overpass - University student voluntarily plunges into the unfamiliar world of homelessness

New York 05 Billy Graham Crusade -  Over 9400 Decisions for Christ
Burma Army Soldiers Testify to Use Of Chemical Weapons
New 24/7 House of Prayer Open in California
Australian Pastors Choose Jail Over Opology
New Company Producing Christian-themed Computer Games
Bibles in Iraq -
Scriptures play key role in revival among soldiers
British Government Announces Intention to Promote Law to Ban Incitement to Religious Hatred
Prayer is Alive and Growing on many University Campuses 24/7 - in the US and many other countries
Salvation Army Offices Denied Entry to Russian Conference
Pray for Auckland - 27 May 05
Tsunami Disaster -
April Update - "Lord God of the Christians, Help us!"
Nicky Cruz to speak to US Dept. of Justice on Gang Violence
German Cardinal Ratzinger Elected 265th Pope
World Expo in Japan - Religion Ignored - Except Islam
Former Muslim Speaks Out - at risk of her life
Papua Indonesia - Genocide of a Christian People
Australian Christian Music Awards
Walk Across America - former drug addict... message of hope
Should Evangelicals Honor Pope JPII?
Pope Impacts Homeless
Pope Dies 

Another Southeast Asian Quake - This One Hits Christian Island
Joni Erickson Tada and others take on the Battle for Terri Schiavo on CNN's Larry King Live
Tsunami Disaster Relief Work - YWAM Update
Global Christian Trends - 05 - Todd Johnson
Jim Elliot featured in New Children's Video Series: Torchlighters
Evangelism & Social Responsibility Must Come Together - former Sec. General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Gary Edmonds

North Korea has World's Worst Record for Persecution
5000 Graduate from one Indian Bible School
Good News from Iraq
Promise Keepers Still Transforming Lives - Worldwide
Rebuilding after Islamic Terrorism in Ambon, Indonesia
What Europeans Believe
New book seeks to Rally Young People to Fight the Secularization of Society
Religious Freedom Resolution gets support from Muslims, Jews and Christians
American Mosques Filled with Hate Literature
Massive Iraqi Election Fraud - from Tehran
India YWAM tsunami relief work continues to help those in need - 13-2-05
British Church May Re-think Ties
Swedish Diplomat Honoured - Raoul Wallenberg, 60 years after his disappearance in Budapest

North Korea "Refugees" according to UN - China not happy... Christian persecution...
Vision Christian Radio Network in Australia now has 200 Stations Across the nation
Vietnam and Religious Liberty - By Elizabeth Kendal - World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission (WEA RLC)
Destroying the Abortion Myths - some of the hidden costs of 'choice' - by Charles Colson
66 of the World's Worst Natural Disasters - compiled by David Hall
A Radical Rebel Restored - by Don Hall
10 Major Catastrophes - Each of these natural disasters has taken over a million lives - 5 of them in the last 70 years
The Big One - What would happen if The Big One came? Are you ready? - by David Hall
Be Ready - Homeland Security and Christian Emergency Network encourage people to be ready

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Asia Tsunami Disaster

Salvation Army Relief Work - What would William Booth do...?
Tidal Wave of Love - Gospel for Asia moves in to help victims
April Update - "Lord God of the Christians, Help us!"
Nias Island, Indonesia report - Rolland Baker
Andaman Tsunami Relief Work Update 24 January - Mike Bordon
God Gives Warning to these Malaysian Christian Tsunami Survivors - Phuket, Thailand
Southern Baptists Assess the Needs of Sri Lankan Tsunami Survivors -
19 January
Churches combine to help Aceh Muslims - Strategic World Impact
Report in Tsunami Work - 8 Jan 05 - by Lynn Green

Tsunami Disaster reports

Disaster Updates - 7 Jan 05 - South India and Andaman Islands
Disaster Updates - 6 Jan 05 - India, Thailand and Indonesia
Operation Blessing Relief Work Report - 4 Jan 05
10 Myths of Disaster Relief - by World Vision
Andaman Relief  Work report - 2 Jan 05 - by Mike or Lora Bordon
tears of distress
Tsunami Update - relief work in progress... - from Tim Svaboda and Steve Goode
Love in Action - Iris Ministries begins work in India - by Rolland and Heidi Baker
Tearfund Partners involved in relief work - by Michael Ireland
Chennai (Madras) India - what it's like here today - by Dr. Colleen M Redit
Sri Lanka Disaster Report - Ross Tooley...

Why, God? - by Mercy Simson. Some tough questions to help us re-evaluate in light of the tsunami disaster

"I Don't Know Why" by Jannie Rogers
- Why terrible tragedies like the tsunami happen


Iraq Through Iraqis' Eyes - 150 Iraqis with video cameras get the inside story of what people really think about life in Iraq today, compared to before the "American liberation"
Ukraine Election & Pro-Democracy Christians
Good News Across the World

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