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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

BELLFLOWER, CA (ANS) -- The producers of an award-winning DVD called “Science and Evolution” have created a package for parents, showing the unscientific nature of the theory of Evolution.

Actor Kirk Cameron and best-selling author Ray Comfort having lunch with an orangutan
(Photo by CJ Studio --

In the package they are offering five free copies of the DVD for parents to send to local school board members. Actor Kirk Cameron and best-selling author Ray Comfort said, “The graphics on the cover of this DVD have been designed so that there is no indication that it is for evolution or intelligent design, so that viewers can watch it with an open mind.”

The DVD doesn't follow the normal format of having different experts presenting evidence for and against the theory of evolution. Comfort said, “It instead, lets evolutionary believers put their own foot in their mouth, simply by asking them probing questions about the scientific basis of the theory.”

As the program evolves, Cameron and Comfort take an orangutan to lunch, where the three of them discuss the theory over salads. They also call eight major airlines and ask if a “relative” can join them on a plane.

Comfort said, “I have spoken on the subject of intelligent design at Yale, UCLA and many other prestigious universities, and I have found that those who believe the theory of evolution are ignorant as to its unscientific nature. They, in faith, simply take what professors have told them as gospel.

“I was once a firm believer myself, but when I found that evolution had no scientific foundation I became disillusioned and backslid. I had to deprogram myself. Listen closely to how evolutionists use the unscientific language of Speculation. It's the language of blind faith. They are forced to say things like, ' We believe,' ' 'perhaps,' 'possibly,' 'probably,' 'could've' and 'maybe.' This is because there are no facts to back up their theory. Kids are being brainwashed by something that is faith-based and completely unscientific.”

Cameron, who was once an atheist and a believer in the theory, added, “But even more alarming is that those who have faith in the theory advocate censorship of anything that threatens their convictions. They are intolerant of others and refuse to allow children to even consider any alternative to their own beliefs. That's what is normally known as 'bigotry.' We think children should be allowed to consider both options. That's healthy. That's true science. Their efforts to censor open-minded education may just backfire on them. Tell a child he can't have something and it will more than likely stir his interest.”

Comfort and Cameron have an online school with 5,800 students from around the world, in which students can find in-depth information on both evolution and intelligent design. They have also published a book called, The Way of the Master For Kids (Genesis Publishing Group), which shows children the difference between man evolving from apes, and being made by intelligent design. For information about the evolution package, parents can go to

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