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Pakistan's Bhutto Assassinated - Christians in Pakistan Condemn the killing
Virtual Prayer Wall on Line - connecting people, connecting with God
Two YWAM Staff Killed in Denver - official YWAM press release
Megachurch and Mission Killings linked - according to police investigation (AP report)
Colorado Gunman Scared Co-Workers 5 years ago (Assist News Service)

Halo Baby - a new Christian TV and DVD series by Sky Angel productions, kid's network
First Anti-smacking Conviction in New Zealand
Iraq's Top Christian Cleric Urges Christians to Return Home
Persecution of Christians on the Rise - 200 million world wide persecuted for their faith in Christ
Documentary ‘A Mormon President’ Uncovers Anti-Mormon Feelings across the USA

Franklin Graham Festival in the Ukraine leads thousands to accept Christ - 40,000 stand in the rain...
Men of Faith on David Beckham's new team -
Two of the star players of LA Galaxy share their faith
Please Don't Leave Us - the Cry of Iraq's Christian community
New Zealand Church is at the forefront
internationally of the emerging church
Government Demonlishes a Christian Church in Malaysia
Two All Blacks Praised for Putting Mum First - what happens when pro athletes decide Mom is more important than a game?
Londonistan, Is that a real possibility? -
Mohammed may already be the most popular name for baby boys in Britain.
"The Islamic Republic of Iraq" - How an Islamic group is forcing Christians in Iraq out of their homes
7th World Christian Gathering of Indigenous People - planned for Israel, September 2008
Breaking the Violence Cycle - by Jeff Fountain
YWAM "Proclaim" Conference - Bringing together Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. pics and first hand reports

David & Lydia - Samoa 07 Report (30 year anniversary) - new wave of Samoan missionaries?
A Commentary on the USA - 2/3 of Americans are unhappy, thanks to the media - by Craig Smith
Don Argue appointed to US Commission on International Religious Freedom
Suicide Attack Wave Threatened in Pakistan
 Nativity Story ranked #1 most redeeming film of 2006
New Praise & Worship channel added to Sky Angel Network
Whites walk in Yokes and Chains to Apologize for Slavery
Christians are Discriminated agaist at work, say 1/4 of Brits
Calvary Chapel Big Tent Time, again
"Love Bomb" at Calvary Chapel's Big Tent Revival in Costa Mesa, California
Evangelicals Against Torture by Jim Wallis - the National Association of Evangelicals adopts a new Declaration Against Torture
The Crime of Conviction - by Chuck Colson - Since when is it a crime in America to have convictions?
Nicky Cruz New Zealand Crusade reaches gang members from around the nation
Healing through Radio - Gospel 4 Asia reports from India
Indian Outsourcing Creates Outreach Opportunities - Asian Access finds ways to reach the growing IT community in India
Operation Assyrian Province - with about 500,000 Christian refugees in Iraq, American policians are currently being flooded with calls requesting an Assyrian province. He can help. Find out here.
Iran - Seduction and Persecution of the Church
Burma - Human Rights Abuses -
the report claims that Burma's regime is "shaped by a fascist mentality with echoes of Hitler and the Nazis"
China - Instability - 30 million more men of marriageable age by 2020


Palestinian Media is Combating Violence - Bethleham Bible College
Time to Stop Fearing an Islamic Invasion - and reach out with friendship
Is Change Possible? Where should our tax dollars focus when it comes to repeat offenders? - by Chuck Colson
Indonesia: Parents forgive their children's killers
Sri Lanka becoming like the "Killing Fields" of Cambodia
Cross to Bear - Nadia Eweida should soon be able to return to her place behind the Heathrow counter, wearing her cross
Jesus in Shangri-La, Nepal - healings, miracles, lives transformed...
Meanwhile 400 pastors and church leaders in Kathmandu attended the seminar on "The secret of church growth" on Nov. 17 - Assist News Service
Nicky Cruz South Pacific Crusade - Feb. 07 - Manukau Sports Bowl
America to Regain Lost Paradise - A California valley disappeared under a reservoir 80 years ago. Dreams of reclaiming it are now coming true.
Pray for Auckland - 24 November 06 - Don Simpson
35 Christians in China released after arrest and interrogation - Assist News
Azusa Revival in Indonesia - Charisma reports more than 75,000 gathered recently
Chinese Pastor Sentenced to Death -  Dan Wooding
Revolution of Love Continues - Georger Verwer retires, but joins the fight against AIDS
Jesus Camp - movie review
One Night With A King -
“One Night With The King is a story of divine destiny,” explained the film’s producer Matthew Crouch, Chairman and CEO of Gener8Xion Entertainment. “Hadassah was a poor, unknown peasant girl, an orphan, an outcast from a distant land, who went on to become queen of a powerful empire. Her poignant story proves that anyone, no matter their circumstances, can make an impact on their
- Starring silver screen legends Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif, along with the renowned John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings trilogy), Luke Goss (Blade II, ZigZag), John Noble (Lord of the Rings: Return of the King) ... this impressive motion picture chronicles the amazing life of Esther, one of the Bible’s most beloved and courageous heroes.
Korean Youth hear the Gospel "Loud & Clear" - by Horizon
Transcendental Meditation Threat to New Zealand School Children - Hindu religious ceremony included - by Pastor Dave Swaney
The Path to 9/11 - ABC Mini-series, Review - ASSIST News Service


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