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The power of the Holy Spirit bringing the peace of Christ Jesus comes to ‘Shangri-La’

The BICC, a three storey structure is designed to serve the world class business, professional and government leaders by combining modern efficiency with traditional Nepalese hospitality.

A man in his fifties testify his healing of paralysis
Elder Bhabindra Rai, the regional director of Campus Crusade for Christ Kathmandu says, "I am so grateful to see so many people gathered, especially from the different religious groups including Hindu and Buddhist, for this festival. I witnessed many people find peace in Jesus the only Savior who redeemed us from all sins and gave us the true peace."

A local Christian performance team from three churches in Kathmandu area led the congregation in praying and praising the Lord.

The Rev. Satya Thapa, senior pastor of Abhinash church based in Lalipur, prayed for opening of the first day of the festival. Rev. Sanu Babu, senior pastor of Bhaktapur Khristiya Church, prayed for opening for the second day.

As a special guest, Hon. Shanta Manabi, Senator and former minister of women and culture, delivered the congratulatory message saying, "I'd like to thank Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and Manmin Joong-ang Church, Seoul, Korea, for sending the mission team to Nepal to conduct the healing festival. I hope the people here in Nepal would be united through this festival."
Crystal Singers, praising God in Nepalese at BICC

The congregation responded with great excitement when Korean performance team, "Crystal Singers," sang in Nepalese and the Hindi language with wonderfully graceful praise dancing.

Rev. Mikyung Lee, the associate pastor of 100,000-member Manmin Joong-ang Church from Seoul, Korea preached on, "Why is Jesus our only Savior?" on the first night and "The works of the Holy Spirit" on the second night with video clips on the manifestation of God's power through the worldwide ministry of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, the founder and senior pastor. She emphasized, "The false gods can't answer to our prayer, can't move its eyes or listen to the prayer of its worshippers either. Jesus Christ is the only Savior according to the spiritual law. Only through Him, you can receive the salvation, true blessing and true peace." Next day she went on to emphasize, "God is alive and works even today! You can meet Him only if you have faith!"

She urged the congregation to obey the words of God in everyday life so that they may have stronger faith and enjoy the prosperity as their souls are getting along well."

Rev. Mikyung Lee praying for the sick
While Rev. Mikyung Lee is praying for the sick, many were approaching to the pulpit to testify their experiences of healing. Some threw away the sticks, some removed the glasses, some shouted "Hallelujah!" after being healed of hearing problem, and various other diseases were healed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Timothy Rai, the senior pastor of Lokanthali church, who interpreted in Nepalese, said, "It's amazing to witness the manifestation of the power of the living God through Rev. Mikyung Lee from Manmin church. Many pastors were deeply touched by powerful works of the Holy Spirit through the healing festival"

The missionary to Nepal, Grace Lee says, "When I introduced on Manmin ministry here in Kathmandu and Himalayan region, the pastors and church leaders were touched because they could see the very strong manifestation of God's power through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee. Some of them wanted to have this kind of healing festival here in Kathmandu. God sincerely answered the prayers of these pastors"

Meanwhile 400 pastors and church leaders in Kathmandu attended the seminar on "The secret of church growth" on Nov. 17(Fri) at BICC. Based on Acts 2:42-47, Rev. Mikyung Lee explained the practical method to experience the revival in the church they are ministering through the example of Manmin Joong-ang Church that was established in 1982 with just 13 members and 7 USD by Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee and grew up to have 100,000 with 4,600 branch churches globally.

Bro. Jeremi Jung, the international coordinator, said, "I give all thanks to God Almighty for what he has done through the seminar and the healing festival which unified the local churches and encouraged them to have confidence in their heart on the revival of churches in this special season of change in Nepal. We'd like to help the local church leaders, if they want, to continually work together to take this opportunity for the development of Christianity in Nepal'"

Recently the government of Nepal and Maoists signed a peace agreement ending the 11 long years of conflict and bloodletting.

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