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Nagaland ready to send 10,000 missionaries  -  By Dan Wooding
Bill Bright Tributes  -  Bob Turnbull, Don Hall...
Operation Mobilization 2 Replace Ship

Presidential PrayerTeam now 2.8 million strong
Beyond Criticism - the Screen Actor’s Guild in Hollywood has complained...
Mohammed Saves US Christian Soldier Who Returns to Palistine - By Tom Marsland
To End All Wars - movie review by Ken Tamplin
American-haters in UK... - By Tony Parsons of the London Daily Mirror
Dalit Conversions - Indian caste struggle
North East India - Ripe 4 Harvet
SNIPER’S Link 2 FARRAKHAN - America is "growing our own Islamic terrorists"

Irish Bandit Country - reconciliation efforts win President’s prize
Indonesia - Persecution continues - Poso, Central Sulawesi
Family Movies Big Hit with Audiences in 2001 
Harvest Crusade turns into a Fiesta in Anaheim
Bishop Sells Palace 4 Poor
Landmark Christian Conference in India - All India Christian Council 
Billy Graham after Nixon tapes - On Intolerance and Prejudice
God Returns 2 America's Public Square
Afghan Christians Now Free - 16 prisoners free after months of terror
Gullible Christians Snookered - Again? - Rev. Austin Miles
India's Dalits - Struggle for Freedom - David Hagen

When Our Towers Came Crashing - 1 Yr Later - by Ron Hutchcraft
Reflections on 11 Sept - Lynn Green
"Silver Lining" to the disaster? - Kay Como
Surviving 81st floor of the WTC - incredible first hand story
Muslims Outraged Over Attacks - By Brittany Jarvis

Heart Of Darkness - Asian Wall Street Journal on Indonesia
Inspirational Movie Prizes - Grace Prizes To Be Announced March 21 at Annual MOVIEGUIDE Awards
Indonesia Update 3-01
Dale Kietzman - The Untold Story Of Initiating The Invitations For Billy Graham's Historic Trip To North Korea
UCB Europe - Responds to Court Case re: UK - By Dan Wooding
Reverse Bigotry - BreakPoint with Charles Colson
Indonesian Christians - Help Needed - icc update
Reflections Indonesia - Rev John Barr
Brazil - Over 15,000 come Christ - through the "Impact World Tour"
Train an evangelist, Change the world
Indonesia - Ambon Update, Jly 2000
India Fear For Life
India -Aug 2000
"Transformation" Video - stirs eagerness for revival
Australia & around the World - July
Ambon Desperate Situation - Indonesia by John Barr
Indonesia SOS cry - Ambon / human rights ...
Something to Sing about - Billy Graham's first movie aimed at Black audience - a hit
Indonesia update-June 2000 - John Barr
Laos Persecution of Christians
ZimbabwePrayer Request (and inside report)
LTS NZ report
Amistad - Vessel of Spiritual History
Billy Graham On Tom Landry -  USA
One Canadian Speaks Out About America
Pacific Youth Conference - Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, Fiji, PNG, Tahiti...
Maluku Report - fighting continues in Ambon
Wesley Mission secures gov't funds to work with Australias Unemployed
"Turn off your computer and pray" -Anno Domini Prayer Countdown
Russian Ch'n Broadcasting
Taiwan Christians respond to earthquake

Churches Provide Relief Work in East Timor
Methodist Churches face challenges WORLDWIDE
Russia Christian Broadcasting

India - Christian Leaders Warn against Funding Hindu Militancy
Turkish Christians Respond to disaster
Indigenous Conference on Education  - Hilo, Hawaii
Slaughter of Ethnic Karen by Burmese Military - Burma
Report from China
Plight of the Saami People - Sweeden
Catholic and Lutherans sign agreement - World
Phone companies benefit Churches - Canada
Jesus film in Indonesia
Albanian Church Update
Albania now has Christian Radio - by Dan Wooding
Littleton Killings - Need to address the roots of violence - Methodist report
Lawyers - Urged to seek new direction: "Relational Justice"
Equador- Christians asked to help solve economic & political crises
Sleeping Giant - American Indians

Kurd Plight - largest ethnic group in the world without a country to call home
Africa - Aids epidemic
Thailand - - Loans work better than aid
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