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A Message from Producer David Cunningham - Help spread the word about this ABC mini-series: "The Path to 9/11"
Advance Praise for "The Path to 9/11" - Here's what viewers are saying about this ABC mini-series produced by David Cunningham
ABC / Disney Under Pressure of Clinton to Change "The Path to 9/11"
India Flood Relief Work - Light and Life Ministries - an affiliate of Across Ministries - is helping as many as they can
Harvest Crusades Adapt to Change, But the Gospel Message is the Same - Mark Ellis
More and More Germans are Becoming Muslim - 4,000 last year -
By Wolfgang Polzer
Ted W. Engstrom - past president of World Vision and YFC dies
Jihad in Africa - the
alliance of Islamist militias known as the Islamic Courts Union (ICU) which has taken control of Mogadishu and most of southern Somalia, is threatening jihad against Ethiopian...
End the Genocide - Thousands Around the World asked to Support Darfur - 17 September - 400,000 killed, and an additional 3.5 million people have been left homeless, living in refugee camps in fear of further attacks by the government’s proxy Janjaweed militia.
Women's Prayer Conference in Korea - Global Pastor's Network and the Sisters of Esther in Korea join forces to promote this major World Conference on Prayer. Keynote speakers include Dr. Vonette Bright, Judy Douglass and Mrs. Evelyn Christensen.
Afghanistan on verge of Returning to Islamic Religious Police
Healing the Past, Transforming the Future - Apologies from an ancestor of the African slave trade -
as reported by the British media, including the BBC, The Times and the Daily Mail
Rick Warren to go to North Korea - despite the current standoff over recent missile firings by the isolated communist country
Advertising for God - Does it Work? - the chief executive officer of Saatchi & Saatchi thinks so
New York City to get a taste of the Korean Revival
6th International Christian Creative Arts Conference - see details
Java Earthquake Brings Devastation
Iranian Christians Believe there is a Spiritual Change Taking Place - keep praying Christians
America's First Arabic 24/7 Christian Channel - is already a hit, by Dan Wooding
Religious Freedom in Iraq - Inside Report: Christianity is growing through dreams, Bible...
Changing Lives in Iraq - The Bible is...
Some of the Christian Communications Making Headlines
The Da Vinci Code - How should we respond, protest, boycott, or engage? - by
Phil Cooke, President & Creative Director of Cooke Pictures
United 93 - Faith Triumphs Over Tragedy by Lee Grady - Could a film about Sept. 11 help us regain our lost humility?
Pakistan - Over 70,000 attend gospel services in serveral locations - outreach report by Don Hall
About Papua - Update on current political, religious, and other issues in Papua from
World Evangelical Alliance Religious Liberty Commission (WEA RLC) - genocide of the indigenous, (predominantly) Christian population
New Zealand has a new "Ark" - to provide a message from God - Christchurch couple use a unique strategy to share their faith
Da Vinci Code - New Website developed to help reveal truth from error in the Da Vinci Code
Salvation Army - Develops New Ways to Reach the Community
Kidnapped in Nepal - Christian leader recently kidnapped ...
New Zealand's Cathedral City - Soon to Have a Third - Christchurch Elim will Build the citie's Third Cathedral
Pakistani Christian Church Burned - Pastor Appeals to Police for Security
Louis Palau in Florida - Thousands come to Orlando's Citrus Bowl grounds for great music and good news
Victory in Nepal - The Church is growing in spite of persecution
Luis Palau Costa Rica Festival draws 400,000+ in San Jose
New Research Indicates Money Buys Happiness, but not sex - Netscape report
2006 Movieguide Awards honor 25+  Pro-Family movies, TV programs...
Inhuman Torture of Christian leaders in China - in effort to secure confessions
Mass Arrests in China as Government Cracks Down on House Church Movement
Pakistan "Blasphemy" Cases - Most blasphemy charges are false, laws need to be changed, lawyers need protection...
Africa Can Become a Light 2 World -

Hindu Radicals Destroy Christian Church and School in India - by John M. Lindner
Something's Rotten in Denmark -
Is the controversy over cartoons in Denmark just an issue of freedom of expression? I don’t think so. - by J. Lee Grady
Mercy Trucks Takes Medical Supplies from UK to West Africa
Milmerran, Australia gets new Christian Radio Station - Number 237 for UCB in Australia
Hamas in Germany
Women in Christian Media Conference - Dallas, Texas - 18-22 February
Islamic Anger over Cartoons Grows - and the other side of the story
YWAM Cook Islands Update - by Martha Ene
Brokeback Mountain - A Sexual Assault on American Morality?
Bin Laden-Iran Collaboration a Possibility, expert says - new audio tape says Al-Qaida preparing attacks on U.S.
No Greater Love - Movie Review by Dr. Ted Baehr
Go Fest 06 and mini Mandarin DTS (Discipleship Training School) - YWAM Singapore
A Key Delegation is meeting with India's Government Minister to Protest a "Re-Conversion" Festival
10,000 to 15,000 House Churches in Cuba - Government now clamping down, closing some
World's Worst Disasters - this is not a new article, but thanks to search engines it continues to be our most visited page - see updated info
Window on the World - What's behind this radio program aired by so many radio stations?
German President Accepts Gideon Bible - 17 million Bibles distributed in Germany by Gideons in 50 years
At the End of a Spear - 5 American missionaries killed - New film about to be released
Arab and Israeli Women's Reconciliation Conference - "This group of woman proved to be women of action. Following the conference there was a real hunger to continue the fellowship in a very tangible way. We returned to our communities in high spirits, and already with specific plans to meet again."

Islamic Persecution of Christians - US Archbishop is interviewed by Dan Wooding re: growing violence and persecution
YWAM Chennai Report - God is impacting many lives through this ministry in South India
Take the family to Narnia - better yet, take the whole youth group

South Asia Earthquake Reports

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