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This is not intended for broad circulation; only for those who really want to know more of the APA (Across Pacific & Asia) developer's background.  This is NOT shared for the purpose of impressing anyone.

Any credit goes to God and the many people who have helped along the way. (See The Team or Teams for a current example of people.) And I'll take credit for any mistakes along the way. I'm just an ordinary guy, with average abilities, with a heart after God and a strong conviction that if God can use me, He can use anybody. --  David

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Married to Lydia (Dutch/Indonesian) since 1977 Lydia Hall
with two kids: Jonathan - born in Singapore - and Leilani - born in Hawaii

fam at B&L wed

David has served in a variety of capacities in the Pacific & Asia region since high school days, including:  

High school and University days


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- '70 - 74:
director of Teen Challenge Honolulu
- '79 - 80: staff at the King's Mansion Discipleship Training School (DTS)
- '83 - 96: University of the Nations - leadership team
       '87 - '95:  KFSH fm radio - general manager

Samoa - '74 - 78 :
founder and director of Youth With A Mission Samoa

Singapore - '80 - 83:
founder and director of YWAM Singapore (beginnings) -  YWAM Singapore (early pictures)Indonesia LTS

 The summer of 1994 our family spent three months as part of the staff of the "Principles of Redeeming Cultures School" in Tonga.

More recently we spent three months on staff of a Leadership Training School in Indonesia.

In 1996 we started Across Ministries with the Across Pacific Magazine and Across Pacific & Asia web site.  Over the years the ministry continues to grow.


New Zealand, Pacific, Asia...  - '96 (to present)
moved family to Auckland, NZ - the Polynesian capitol of the world - to more effectively serve the people in the Pacific & Asia region, and to continue developing Across Pacific & Asia ministries (Across Charitable Trust). About five years later several other ministries expressed their desire to be part of Across Ministries, so an American-based 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization was formed in Southern California. Since then a few more ministries have also become affiliated with Across.

For a more complete description of the current ministry see:  Across Pacific & Asia Ministries and ACROSS International Ministries.



In February 08 David became the director of Missions Interlink (NZ) <>

<>Missions Interlink is: "New Zealand's Mission Networks" - An umbrella organization that links mission agencies, churches, ministries, schools, & individuals with the common mission: spreading God's Good News - in, from and to - New Zealand.

To find out more, visit the
Missions Interlink (NZ) website: http://missions.org.nz.

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