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"Cast Your bread on the water..."

Dear Family,
Thought you might enjoy this "praise report".

I just got back from a wedding. The bride was Gloria, Saphy's aunt. Mike, the groom, is Indian but has lived many years here in New Zealand. So what does this have to do with "Casting your bread on the water"? ...or Teen Challenge?

The preacher was Tony Romero who's been pioneering a Victory Outreach here in Auckland, New Zealand. Tony was sent here by the pastor of Victory Outreach in San Fernando, California - Los Angeles TC convert David Martinez - who's wife, Faith, sang at Mom's funeral (and was part of Mom's staff when she was leading the TC Women's Home).
Why was Tony the preacher? Among those who came to the Lord through Tony's evangelism on the streets of South Auckland were two teen agers - nephews of Mike. They've been part of the church for over a year and asked their pastor if he'd help them out and marry their Uncle Mike. Thank you Lord! Thank you Don. Keep "casting your bread..."!  You never know the impact it might have.

Love, David



This is a recent letter from Rev. Don Hall to his brother David Hall. Both were early leaders of Teen Challenge in California and Hawaii and are long-standing friends of Teen Challenge Singapore. Don now serves internationally with Youth With a Mission and Dave is the Director of Across Ministries - Sam Kuna, TC Singapore director

T hanks for sending the encouraging report of the rippling effect of God's grace through Teen Challenge halfway around the world -- in this case, David Martinez, who in turn reached another former drug addict, Tony, who in turn reached Mike's nephews in NZ with the Gospel.

Discipling David in the '60's and sending him to Bible College for training has been worth it many times over. It was a blessing to minister with him in Sri Lanka last year where 1,700 received the Lord.

Interestingly, in the past months, I've had the joy of talking with a few others TC graduates like David:

  • Bobby Almarez - The first drug addict to graduate from Los Angeles Teen Challenge and later college. He has been a missionary to Mexico & pastored Victory Outreach churches for the past 35 years.
  • Larry Reed - Paroled to us from San Quentin Prison. Has served faithfully as a pastor and evangelist for many years and still shares Christ on the streets & in prisons.
  • Doug Nelson - Attended University after TC graduation where he met his Chinese wife Janet. He pastored two churches, and later established his own business.
  • Others we are in contact include: Mike (Alaska Director of Prison Chaplaincy), Ray (Drug Counselor), Tom (Pastor) and Steve (Missionary in India).

Sadly, many young men and women we helped over the years have passed on -- some prematurely due to the debilitating effects of drug abuse from prior years. But as "trophies of God's grace," many have influenced thousands of others for Christ.

It can be easy to forget God's eternal perspective of things. Dave, I appreciate your reminder of God's faithfulness to touch hurting people around the world through the "Rippling Effect" of dedicated lives.

Your Brother,  
Don Hall


Dear Don and Dave,
I wish you could get a glimpse  -  just a glimpse of those you impacted through these ripples.  What a picture that would be!!!   Just from those I am aware of, there are tens of thousands who have encountered the eternal God as a result of your labors in Hawaii alone.   People loving and serving God from Uzbekistan to a town in North Dakota.   From Anchorage to New Zealand.
On behalf of my growing family (four grandkids now) and those you will never meet or know of in this life  - THANK YOU.
With respect,
Steve and Marlene
(missionaries based in India)


Subj:  Teen Challenge Rippling Effect ....
Date: 10/15/2006 6:10:55 PM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Don & David,

Wonderful greetings in Jesus Christ! What a joy it is to receive your email and to resonate with the message of the "ripple effect" thorugh the work of Teen Challenge. Praise the Lord!

Teen Challenge (Singapore) celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year on November 17th 2006 and we will be publishing a Souvenir magazine. Could I publish this email as a contribution from both of you? I would love to have your contribution as both of you have been a blessing to my life and ministry as well as to Teen Challenge in Singapore.

I just returned from Melbourne on Friday and met with Daniel Paikea, the Executive Director of Teen Challenge New Zealand. A great guy, humble, and willing to be used by God.

Looking forward to hearing from both of you. Blessings...  Do visit our website to update what God is doing in TC Singapore!

Rev Sam Kuna - Executive Director, Teen Challenge (Singapore) - HQ Hotline (65) 6793-7933
website: www.teenchallenge.org.sg - "Where the Heart of Change is the Change of Heart"


        The part played by teen drug rehabs in helping families with addicted loved ones is quite indispensable, as they offer the only hope that such youngsters could return to a normal life.

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