Across Pacific Magazine

Asia Trip 2005

David Hall

Thailand, Bangladesh, Singapore, and Malaysia




Auckland DTS Bangkok teamThe first phase of this trip involved visiting our Crossroads & Urban Discipleship Training School outreach team in Bangkok. They are working with - and staying at - the Siam Bangkok Church (affiliated with WEC International).  This team includes a Malaysian Chinese guy (student team leader), several NZ Maori, a gal from the UK, another from Germany and an American Indian.

ub outreachTheir primary focus for this team’s outreach is to university students. The church is located just a few blocks from the university – which has 650,000 registered students (throughout the nation).

We went on campus and prayed that God would lead us to the right ones to make conversation. This often led to sharing a testimony of how we came to know God. We also invited them to some of the church activities which included English language classes, Bible study…

I also spent several hours on two afternoons training about a half a dozen of the young leaders of the church. They were like sponges, soaking up the teaching and stories, full of questions and hungry for more.

 university outreach
I also enjoyed fellowship with the senior pastor of the
Siam Bangkok Church who is involved in networking with many other church leaders and several projects that are reaching thousands of young people with the Gospel throughout the nation of Thailand and beyond.


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