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Delphine and Brianna

Dear Friends,

The 11th of January marked one month since the accident in Port Harcourt, Nigeria occurred where we lost the lives of eight young YWAMers. 

As I have walked through the grief of their loss personally I have been asking myself the question “How did these young people live?”  Mine is a personal answer having a more intimate knowledge of both Delphine Lemaire and Brianna Esswein, staff and student respectively at YWAM Perth:

  • They both had an intense desire to make God known among the marginal people of the world. 
  • They loved expressing God’s love through mother and child health in caring for mothers and loving little children.  Seeing redemption come to whole families. 
  • They had an urgency in prayer, understanding that young lives were at stake.  Delphine had prayed over stillborn babies and seen them come back to life. 
  • They took great delight in seeking God on names for the little boys and girls that were born while they were assisting the mum during the birth – a privilege often given to them by Moslem families. 
  • They lived a dream as young people that their lives could and would make a difference, so every moment counted!
  • They were great friends and “family” to hundreds of people.

Delphine and Brianna have left a legacy, a platform, something we can springboard from as we move forward as a mission to pursue those things God has called us to - just over the horizon!

Pete and I are so grateful for all your prayer and support during this time.  Our larger family has been remarkable. 

For continued prayer:

Dagmar Sippel, our team leader, is still in critical care.  Dagmar has shown some very positive signs, her eyes are opening and she is observing her surroundings.  Dagmar has moved her leg and is squeezing the hand of those that are caring for her.  Dagmar has been taken off a respirator.  A concern is lack of movement on her left side and very minimal communication.  Please pray for a complete recovery and continued healing of her body from her many and extensive operations.  God is doing miracles in our dear Dagmar’s life.  Please continue to pray.   

Sarah White (an Australian) has now been moved to a ward and continues her recovery process.  Sarah has improved greatly since moving to Johannesburg

Erin Cothran has also been moved to a ward.  In the near future she will need a hip replacement, the doctors are still waiting for her to regain strength.  Could you please pray for both of these girls.  They are doing remarkably well and we know that they are being sustained by your prayers and the body of Christ worldwide. 

From YWAM Perth there were seven who were injured in the accident plus one Nigerian lady and one Nigerian young man.  Please continue to pray for their physical and emotional healing.  A number of them have a mission call upon their life and want to continue in that when they are well enough to do so. 

Remember to pray for the families and friends who have lost their loved ones. 

In the midst of this tragedy, over 120 YWAMers have just made their way to Cairo to commence work with megacities.  They left with a zeal and faith in their hearts for the purposes of God in that land.  The Birth Attendant School was leaving Nigeria to join them in Cairo in late December and continue their work with mother and child health until June 2006. 

God hasn’t forgotten their steps of faith and obedience and I believe He is ready to unleash his power in this great city of Cairo.  Please continue to pray. We are greatly strengthened by your prayer.

Pete and Shirl

YWAM Perth


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