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We had the privilege of getting to know Kumar many years ago when he came from Malaysia to Singapore as a student in the Discipleship Training School. Kumar comes from a Hindu background. He came to know the Lord Jesus through a Brethren church at the age of ten. God called him into the ministry when he was sixteen while attending an Assemblies of God church in Malaysia.

His wife Laura is from the UK. She says, "God supernaturally invaded our non-Christian family. Through a series of miracles one by one my family came to know the Lord too."

Kumar has served on staff with Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training Schools and the Far East Evangelism Teams in Singapore and Hong Kong. Kumar and Laura served as associate pastors in Malaysia. Laura was discipled by and worked with Paul and Bunty Collins, Siloah Christian Ministries in Hong Kong, which also worked for some years with Jackie Pullinger.  Laura first met and worked with Rolland and Heidi Baker here, whose friendship and walk with the Lord became the biggest influence for over two decades.  Their Iris Ministries now gives oversight to more than 7,000 churches in Mozambique).

Kumar and Laura's current ministry involves pioneering a young fellowship and exploring fresh ways to be community together.  They reach people in the market place from all walks of life but are particularly interested in helping the poor find Jesus and training them to live as new creations in Him.

They have two children, ages 14 and 9.

Guildford, Surrey
GU 1 4LT

mobile phone nos: 
Kumar:  077 0202 2587
Laura:   079 8860 9757

Across Fellowship - United Kingdom

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