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Assist News is a blessing to the whole world and needs our blessing

Nobody even hinted that I should write this column. For a number of years I, like you, have read news stories, articles and columns that were made available through the tremendous efforts and superb writing and technical skills of those associated with Assist News.

I have known Dan Wooding for a long time. Never have had many long conversations with him. Dan is always busy, on the run, somewhere in the world gathering and reporting the news. He informs us more about the work many of us are involved in than any other source with which I am acquainted.

What Wooding and his staff write and make available is used in newspapers, magazines, on radio and television programs, on every continent and in many countries throughout the world. I have read papers and magazines that were filled with material from ASSIST NEWS. The whole publication was built on what it received from ASSIST NEWS.

None of us who write for Assist News receive even one dollar for our work. It is made available for one reason -- to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and God’s Word that others may know.

What Dan Wooding and his staff of workers and volunteers produce is amazing. Believe me, it takes a lot of money to provide the services we receive from him on a daily basis. I do not want to ever lose that wonderful source of religious news and inspiration.

I ask you, if you ever use any material in any way from Assist News, to join me in expressing our appreciation for this excellent service and to keep it going by our own generous response. We can do it in these ways.

*Write a check today and get it in the post office to be postmarked on December 31, 2007.

*Make your check even more generous and mail it the first week of 2008.

*Become a regular contributor to the ministry of Assist News.

*Send a check of some amount, being as generous as you can, each month for this service which is so important in your work.

*As we all do something now and in the following months, it will help lift a heavy burden and keep a fantastic service in operation and ever improving.

*Send your check today and every month to: Dan Wooding,

ASSIST at PO Box 609, Lake Forest, CA 92609, USA. or go to the website and make a credit card gift --

I have written hundreds of stories for Assist News and I hope they have been a blessing to your ministry. Perhaps I have received some small amount, maybe three or four times, from a publication using my columns from Assist News. It is my gift to your ministry and the service provided by Dan Wooding and Assist News.

Dan may not even carry this story. It will be a surprise to him. I hope he carries it and that you join me immediately in sending a gift of some size, as you can sacrificially afford, to assist Assist News in their time of great need. Now, you can share in a burden I carry for this worldwide work.

I hope to receive word in a week or so that our collective response has amounted to thousands of dollars. Maybe this is a good time to begin to catch up in our debt of gratitude for Assist News. It can all be in keeping with the spirit of generosity that is so prevalent during the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year months. It will bless Dan and his lovely wife, Norma. Thanks for your immediate generous response

In ministry with you,

Bill Ellis

ASSIST News Service (ANS)

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