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  • Population: 78,773,873   The population of Vietnam is young: 33 per cent are under 14 years of age. Possibly two million people have left Vietnam since 1975. 88 per cent are Vietnamese [related to the southern Chinese] and are predominantly a coastal people.
  • Religious affiliation:  Buddhist 52%  Non-religious/other 29.8%  Christian 9.8%, of whom Evangelicals 1%  New religions 5.2%  Animist 3%  Muslim [Cham] 0.2%

Vietnam contains a rich mixture of religions, reflecting the influences of many cultures. Traditional Vietnamese religion included elements from Indian beliefs and three Chinese religious systems: Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism.

Vietnamese Christian Resource Center, Sunnyvale, California

Van Pham Nguon Song, California,

Tin Lanh, Fullerton, California

Evangelical Divinity School, Anaheim, California

Tin Lanh Cho Nguoi Viet, Mill Creek, Washington

Institute Of Biblical Leadership  -  VietNam  -  Email

Hope Way Ministry, Seattle, Washington

Union College of California, Garden Grove, California

Vietnamese Outreach International Ministries, Hampton, Virginia

Vietnamese Bible Ministry, Houstin, Texas

Love of Vietnam Expressed, Inc., Pinellas Park, Florida

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