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Bible on DVD

Bible on DVD
Each book is brought to you through a dynamic combination of video, text, narration, original music, and sound effects.

We do still have the Is That Really You, God? by Loren Cunningham in stock and would like others to take advantage of this incredible book - only NZ$10.00 for a limited time (selling in some stores for $24.95)

This true adventure shows how an ordinary man who was committed to hearing God and obeying Him became the founder of one of the largest inter-denominational missions organizations in the world (Youth With A Mission, which includes over 100 international ministries including: Impact World Tour, Marine Reach, Mission Adventures, Kings Kids, Island Breeze, Slovic Ministries, Whaia te Matauranga, TeamExtreme, Discipleship Training Schools, University of the Nations, etc. etc.).
It's not too late to take advantage of these special deals on great Christian books.  Here are some ways they are being used:
Some churches are purchasing bulk copies to give away as part of their outreach in their community.
One church got 300 of Is That Really You, God?

The Auckland Baptist Tabernacle got 30 for those they thought would be interested in a copy.  A couple weeks later they ordered 60 more.

Here's a great idea one church used:
Another church is sending around a sign-up sheet.  After giving a box of 60 away to the people in the church,
they used a sign up sheet so people could order copies to give to their own friends. ("Blessed to be a blessing!")

A policeman got copies for 60 young people in his community he knew would benefit from the book.
Another ministry got 240 copies, another 300...
Some are using them as gifts for friends, family, workmates, etc.

The list could go on.  Use your imagination.  A great book at this "give-a-way" price doesn't come along very often.


Christian Heroes for only $10

Those who get 5 or more of the Christian Heroes books, the price goes down to only NZ $8 each (selling in NZ for $13 to 16, Soul Hut price: only $10).

There are now 24 in the series.  All written by Kiwis - Janet and Geoff Benge - and enjoyed by people 10 to 100 in many countries around the world.  Many have read other series about these people.  Most who have read both come back and tell us these are better written, much more readable and exciting. But it's only fair to warn you, many people lose sleep because of these books.  Why? Once you get started, they're hard to put down.

GLADYS AYLWARD: The Adventure of a Lifetime
NATE SAINT: On a Wing and a Prayer
HUDSON TAYLOR: Deep in the Heart of ChinaWilliam Booth
AMY CARMICHAEL: Rescuer of Precious Gems

ERIC LIDDELL: Something Greater than Gold
CORRIE TEN BOOM: Keeper of the Angels' Den
WILLIAM CAREY: Obliged to Go
GEORGE MÜLLER: The Guardian of Bristol's Orphans
JIM ELLIOT: One Great Purpose
MARY SLESSOR: Forward into Calabar
DAVID LIVINGSTONE: Africa's Trailblazer
WILLIAM BOOTH - Soup, Soap, and Salvation
John Williams - Messenger of Peace to the South Pacific Islands
Cameron Townsend - Good News in every language
Lottie Moon - Giving her all for China
Adoniram Judson - Bound for Burma
Jonathan Goforth - An open door in China
Loren Cunningham - Into all the world
Rowland Bingham - Into Africa's interior

(the rest of the list can be found in the back of any of the above books)

Heroes of History

More books by Janet and Geoff Benge

Meriwether Lewis - Off the Edge of the map
George Washington - True Patriot
William Penn - Liberty and Justice for all
Abraham Lincoln - A new birth of freedom
George Washington Carver - From slave to scientist
John Adams - Independence forever
Christopher Columbas - Across the ocean sea

Heroes for young readers Heroes for Young Readers

The children's hardback, full-colour edition of most of many of the above heroes books are also available at the same low price.  These are geared for kids 5 to 10 years old.  They are a great tool to start planting seeds of faith in God when the kids are young.


Other Soul Hut specials:

Making Jesus Lord - by Loren Cunningham - Regular NZ Retail: $23.95, only $15.00

Daring to Live on the Edge - by Loren Cunningham - Regular NZ Retail: $23.95, only $15.00

Leadership Paradox - by Denny Gunderson - Regular NZ Retail: $23.95, only $15.00

Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian - by Dean Sherman - Regular NZ Retail: $29.95, only $20.00

Love, Sex & Relationships - by Dean Sherman - Regular NZ Retail: $29.95, only $20.00

Why Not Women? - by Loren Cunningham & David Hamilton - rr$34.95, only $22.00

Faith Builders from Around the World - by many YWAMers, edited by Bev Caruso - rr $26.95, only $15

William and Catherine Booth - by Trevor Yaxley - rr $39.95, only $30

Going Public With The Gospel - by Mark Anderson - Regular NZ Retail: $29.95, only $20.00

    for more info on most of these books, go to:
    (Note: prices on those web pages are in US$ and do not include shipping.)

        International Adventures

These are selling in some NZ Christian bookstores for $34.95.  Soul Hut special: only $20.00

Lords of the Earth - by Don Richardson

Peace Child - by Don Richardson
    Both of the above books are well-known classics - deeply moving, unforgettable adventure! -
    by the well-respected Canadian Baptist missionary to Irian Jaya.

Living on the Devil's Doorstep - by Floyd McClung
    From the hippie trail through Afghanistan, to the infamous red light district of Amsterdam,
    a young couple steps out in faith with the message of hope.

Tomorrow You Die - by Reona Peterson Joly (Kiwi)
    Facing the ultimate risk, two women obey God's call to bring the gospel to the people of Albania
    (at that time, the only officially athiest country on earth).

Imprisoned in Iran - by Dan Baumann
    Wrongly accused of espionage and thrown into the most infamous high-security prison in Iran,
    one man witnessed the powerful triumph of God's love over fear.

Adventures in Naked Faith - by Ross Tooley
    Stories from the Philippines by this Kiwi bring a challenge to a deeper, tested faith that will
    change believers' lives and the lives of those they encounter.

A Cry from the Streets - by Jeannette Lukasse
    A dramatic story of rescue and restoration unfolds when a young Dutch couple goes to live
    among the street children of Brazil.

While they last.




Get Gladys Aylward FREE.  Purchase any three or more of the above books and we'll include FREE a copy of the Christian Heroes book about an English maid who makes her mark on China for God - Gladys Aylward.  Already have a copy?  Then you know it's a great book to pass on to someone else.

Postage and packaging in New Zealand is only $3.50.  Order ten or more and the pp is FREE.
(outside NZ, email for postage cost:

Cheques should be made payable to: Across Ministries and sent to:

Across - PO Box 13-580, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand

You may forward this to people you know in: New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.  Thanks!

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