Mission Lawang 

Dear friends,
Greetings from Surabaya!


In 1980 David and Lydia Hall led the first Youth With A Mission school in Indonesia in the town of Lawang. In 1987 as Yulianti Liemarto was serving the Lord with Youth with a Mission in Taiwan, she felt a call to pioneer a new base in her native Surabaya. The Lord has been faithful to confirm this call. In the last five years as a young base, we have established relationships with churches and Christian organizations. We have hosted outreach teams from within Indonesia, as well as from other parts of Asia, Australia, America, Canada, and Europe.

Since 1988 we have been working in partnership with the Youth with a Mission Heidebeek base in Holland, and since 1989 with the Perth base in Australia. This has meant the exchange of staff and teachers, which has helped us to grow in our international vision.


Indonesian mapEVANGELISM

The people groups we have targeted for evangelism are the [sensored for security] and the [same sensore]. This group of many millions, virtually unreached with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The [---] are a group of 400,000 Hindus living in the mountains of Java.

We are establishing an outreach-house out of which we will plant a new church. We also want to set up an agricultural project in the mountains of [---], which will be an excellent way to build friendship relationships with the farmers to see them reached with the Gospel.


The past twelve years we have run Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) with students from all over Indonesia. DTS. It consists of a three-month lecture phase, with an emphasis on character building, followed by a three-month outreach to our targeted people groups. To better equip our staff and students for the ministry, we have scheduled more schools for the near future.


In September we started ministry to the poor in the city of Surabaya (pop. four million). So far we have provided clothing, food, and comfort to many poor and homeless.

For this year we are planning a variety of new mercy ministry projects in co-operation with local churches and the Social Department of East-Java.

We are excited to introduce to you our new Missions Training Center project, which is a large step of faith. We consider it to be a significant step forward as this is our first property to be purchased.



The property is located in Lawang, a small town beautifully situated between two volcanoes, one and a half hour drive from Surabaya. Lawang is known for its Bibles schools and seminaries. Being in a Christian area with a cool climate makes it an ideal place for study purposes.


The property consists of 2000 square meters of land and an old Dutch house which is still in excellent condition. The main building has five very large rooms with six smaller rooms connected to the back.


Our aim is to be a multi-functional Missions Training Center that is used to facilitate the schools we have. We opperate a Discipleship Training School followed by a School of Frontier Missions, and a School of Biblical Studies, and a Leadership Training School.

All our schools are affiliated with the University of the Nations in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

Later we will add other schools such as: School of Evangelism, Counseling School, Healthcare School, School of Community Development, and more.

For more information on the plan and how you can help, contact:

Youth With A Mission
P.O. Box 160 SBS
Surabaya, Indonesia

Phone: 62-341-427102 or 341-425521
FAX : 62-341-426454

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